Thursday, August 30, 2012

15 months old

At 15 months, Blaykleigh …
  • is 23.8 lbs and 28 inches in height
  • is very observant to the world around her, always pointing to this or that wanting to know what it is.
  • loves coloring, she has her very own set of jumbo crayons and coloring book. She even holds the crayon right! We may just have a little artist (insert french accent) on our hands. 
  • likes to get her groove on. When she hears music she likes she sways back and forth, claps her hands and clicks her tongue as if she is trying to go with the beat. 
  • has a thing for the t.v. remote. Anytime she can get her hands on one she marches right up to the t.v. and pushes every button possible waiting for something to happen.
  • thinks everything is a telephone. 
  • "shhh's" all her babies while she bounces up and down patting them. What a little lover we have!
  • likes to be chased around the house but if you get too close to her she intentionally falls to the ground with a big "uh-ooooh"!
  • has been watching Lady and the Tramp on Jason jeep t.v. when in the car and starts laughing so hard at this scene (0:35-0:40 seconds) not sure what exactly it is but it's really funny to her! 
  • had her first girls only weekend two weeks ago when two of my best friends came to visit while Jason was out of town. We got in a lot of shopping and crafting! 
  • knows how to sign "eat" (which she uses for both "eat" and "drink", we're working on drink still) and also signs "all done" after she is finished with her food. 
  • gives kisses while going "mmmmwah"! 
  • smacks her lips and goes "ahhhh" after she drinks something or pretends to drink something. 
  • started referring to herself as "mama" and everyone else "dada" …. hmmm, not sure what to think about this? 
  • cuddles with me in the a.m. on the couch before we get our breakfast, l-o-v-e this part of our day! 
                    Her words
                       tenk you (thank you)
                       ba-ba (bottle)
                       kee kat (kitty cat)
                       choooose (shoes)
                       maaaow (meow)
                       buh-bye (bye-bye)
                       haiiiiii (hi)
                       no, no, no - yes she already knows the word "no"!
                       purple - I swear she said purple today clear as day!
                                    Does this mean she too bleeds KState colors
                                    like her father?!?!
                       naaan (nani) - said it twice last night, work in progess! 
                                     Still need to get her on board with Granny, 
                                     Grampy and Granps. 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A birthday celebration

Last Tuesday he woke up to this ...

and came home to this ...

A little birthday decor. 

 A jar of gum balls - "29 Blows".

 A K-State cake that took far too much food coloring. 

 A happy man on his birthday entering the last year of his twenties. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cole Park for 3

This past Thursday night was spent playing on the playground and enjoying the ocean scenery downtown at Cole Park - this type of family date night needs to happen more often! I am really looking forward to the age where Blaykleigh is old enough to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner because this really is the prime location here in South Texas. I myself, even have childhood memories at this park. Although back then the playground was a wooden one with tire shredding covering the ground … the updated version is a tad nicer than what my memory recalls (wink, wink). 
Got to love good old fashioned family time! 

Friday's Letters

Dear Texas Roadhouse, you hit the spot! Your decadent cinnamon butter on those warm, fresh out of the oven dinner rolls can't be beat. Dear HESI, you and I need several study dates pronto … time is a tickin'! Dear Husband, I really enjoyed celebrating your TWENTY-NINTH birthday and I promise (cross my heart) not to let you forget that in 362 days you will be 30 ….. ya know the big "3-0"!!! Dear Hunger Games, two thumbs up from this gal. Dear Pharmacology textbook, you intimidate me. Dear Mom and Dad, 16 weeks to the day Blaykleigh and myself will be on the wings of that silver eagle headed your way! Can I get a "hoooooo-ray"?! Dear great inventor of t.v. and whomever decided it was a good idea for t.v.'s to be in the backseat of cars, …. I thank you immensely!!! Dear Medscape app, I have a feeling you and I will be the best of friends this coming semester. Dear Blaykleigh, you are momma's little social butterfly, always looking for an opportunity to meet a new friend - there is not a shy bone in your body! 

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday ABC's for a Special Someone

circa 2008

ABC list of memories since your last birthday ...

A: arizona to visit Brandon & Stacie.
B: beach to bay.
C: celebrated Blaykleigh's 1st birthday.
D: dress you bought me for my birthday.
E: esp magic trick, not gonna lie you had me fooled.
F: flying for the very first time as a family.
G: garden we built.
H: holidays that we spent in our home together as a family.
I: ice cream in bed.
J: jumping off a 35 ft cliff into the lake.
K: kansas road trip.
L: lazy evenings spent on the couch.
M: mother's day dinner you made me, still makes my mouth water.
N: nights playing board games.
O: offering to help out Wednesday's with the church youth group.
P: practicing venipuncture on you ... such a good sport.
Q: quiet evenings enjoying each other's company.
R: rabbit you let me keep so I could try to nurse it back to health.
S: sunday morning Starbucks runs.
T: table rock lake.
U: umpteen chipotle burritos while traveling.
V: vegetables you started liking since we "grew" them.
W: wicked the broadway show in Austin.
X: xxx's - my daily smooches from you.
Y: yellow "I love the way you smile at me" painting we did together.
Z: zoo trips!

Blaykleigh and I love you so very much! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Fall, here I sit ... waiting. Dear Husband, in four days you will have exactly three hundred and sixty five days remaining of your twenties - that has got to sting a little! Happy early 1st anniversary of your 29th birthday. ILoveYou. Dear Medical Terminology Professor, your kindness in bumping my final grade from 89.3% to 90% made my month, sorry for referring to you as a stifler in days past. Dear Blaykleigh, mommy is in love with your Eskimo kisses and it's so cute how the butterfly kisses tickle your cheek and make you laugh. Dear Kristin, my dear dear friend, 14 days to the day until you step foot off that plane and into the good ol' sticky-sweaty-sultriness of South Texas. But boy will I be glad to see your face!!! Dear cabin in Silverthorn that sits on the wetlands and has moose (or is it meese, perhaps mooses?) that roam the grounds, can.not.wait. Dear Football season, you are slowly starting to flow through the veins of my husband and this year I have decided to try and learn to enjoy your presence in our lives. ... GO TEAM!




Okay so this is more of an "Insta-Dump" being that it has been several weeks since I last did an 'Insta-Friday' post, therefore these pictures are a little all over the board - some are old and some are new. Nevertheless .... Enjoy! 

A little jamba juice while momma gets the grocery shopping done was a genius idea - thanks Heidi! 
P.S. - i'm in love with her big deep blue eyes!!! 

LOVES brushing her teeth.

Which is a good thing because she also really l-o-v-e-s sweets! 
And YES that is whip cream. No shame! 

Going to the library for story time and to check out some books. 

That's the light of my life right there!!!

Bath-time babes. 

Daddy's little cowgirl. 
These boots crack me up, looks like they will swallow her whole any minute. 

Going on a little Sunday drive. 
Jason and I meet up at a church and do the "baby trade" before I head to class annnnd B is obsessed with honking the horn and looking at herself in the lighted visor mirror. 

Swim, swimming. 
Going to be getting little miss in lessons here within the next several weeks. 

Check out the curl's on top of her head. Her crazy curlies crack me up! 

A little friendly competition of ladder golf with the hubs in celebration of the Olympics
Which reminds me ... way to go USA. 

sad. day. 
the pump on this here lovely expresso machine passed down from my momma is at the point of no return. so much for me trying to perfect my at-home-starbucks-caramel-macchiato each morning. 

Don't even get me started on the awesomeness of this picture. Lol. 
She has made her daddy proud! 

It's been h-o-t here. Like living on the face of the sun hot. And the only way to even remotely enjoy the outdoors is by consuming something coooold! Like ice cream. Like Blue Bell's Christmas Cookies in July ice cream. YUM! 
Get ya some. 

life rearranged

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Summer Semester, I have two finals and a research paper to do and then I am done with you! Can't say that you'll be missed. Dear Fall Semester, you're not even here yet and are already coming on way too strong! Let's tone it down a notch or two shall we? Dear Motivation, I need you desperately. Dear Blaykleigh, I love you to the moon and back. Always have and always will. However, these temper tantrums are coming on a little strong a bit too soon. Dear Cats, I apologize for the daily loss of fur. Little miss hasn't yet grasped the concept of "petting" just yet, but we are working on it. Dear Husband, tonight I am feeling a movie night on the couch complete with some popcorn and vino, let's not forget the vino! Dear Brain, I pray that you are able to fully absorb all these medical terms, abbreviations and everything else in-between by Wednesday.
... Ready, Set, GO! 


Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Colorado, 133 days until my eyes feast upon your splendor. Don't worry, I am not counting down or anything! Dear Husband, I am ready for an all out duel of ladder golf this evening. Get your game face on because once our darling is asleep ... it's GO time! Dear Nails (both finger & toe), the sight of you scares me. Seems that you are both suffering from a bad case of neglect. Doctor's orders are in: at-home mani & pedi ASAP. Dear College, each semester you get a generous amount of $ from our piggy bank. So please, explain to me why it is so complicated for you to schedule me a simple meeting with advising?! We're not talking about brain surgery here, just a simple one-on-one meeting with my advisor so I can figure out this nursing school stuff. Thanks! Dear Blaykleigh, my heart melts each time I see you rocking your "babies". As you rock them, you ever so delicately pat them on the back before giving them nice big smooches on their head. Pretty sure you couldn't get any sweeter! Dear Barre Fitness Studio, tomorrow will be my very first Signature Barre class! Be kind. 

OH and just incase you didn't know ....

it's FRIDAY!
it's FRIDAY!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toddler Tumble Time

So every Thursday a local church has Toddler Tumble Time in their gym for free! I was so glad when a friend from our church passed on this little gem of information. I have been looking for something like this for Blaykleigh and I to do during these preposterously hot summer days. It gives us a change of scenery, lets her interact with other littles her age, zaps her of all that toddler energy aaand did I mentions it's free?! Nothing beats FREE entertainment. 

I think we may have a basketball star on the rise?! 
And let me tell you how thrilled Jason was to see these pictures! 

Blaykleigh is just the sweetest little girl. 
I love her tender heart! 
Always patting, hugging or kissing her "friends". 

First time in a bounce house. 
Why didn't they have these when I was little?! These are way better than dirty ball pits. 

At it again. 
I think it's about that time we invest in a pink basketball hoop for little miss! 

This place is air-conditioned.
I however was a sweaty, hot mess chasing this one around for nearly 2 hours. 

I think it is safe to say she enjoyed herself. 
You'll know where to find us come next Thursday! 

... just a little afternoon stroll

This little girl of ours makes me the happiest I've ever been! 
Thank you Lord for such an amazing gift.