Friday, July 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 10 months

took her first trip to visit her cousins Megan and Michelle in Omaha 
while in Omaha, got to experience all the animals at the zoo
has 5 cute little chompers 
took a nasty fall from the kitchen counter that ended up with a trip to the ER but other than a few minor injuries she was O.K. - thankfully
still a roller, not a crawler
waved her first flag on the 4th of july
not a huge fan of the fireworks
experienced her first drive in movie - despicable me 3
loves playing with her daddy and big sis 
is sleeping in her crib now at night for most of the night but not sleeping through the night yet
says: dada, cat, and something that sounds a little bit like dog but dada and doooche are her most frequently spoken "words"


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