Friday, August 17, 2012


Okay so this is more of an "Insta-Dump" being that it has been several weeks since I last did an 'Insta-Friday' post, therefore these pictures are a little all over the board - some are old and some are new. Nevertheless .... Enjoy! 

A little jamba juice while momma gets the grocery shopping done was a genius idea - thanks Heidi! 
P.S. - i'm in love with her big deep blue eyes!!! 

LOVES brushing her teeth.

Which is a good thing because she also really l-o-v-e-s sweets! 
And YES that is whip cream. No shame! 

Going to the library for story time and to check out some books. 

That's the light of my life right there!!!

Bath-time babes. 

Daddy's little cowgirl. 
These boots crack me up, looks like they will swallow her whole any minute. 

Going on a little Sunday drive. 
Jason and I meet up at a church and do the "baby trade" before I head to class annnnd B is obsessed with honking the horn and looking at herself in the lighted visor mirror. 

Swim, swimming. 
Going to be getting little miss in lessons here within the next several weeks. 

Check out the curl's on top of her head. Her crazy curlies crack me up! 

A little friendly competition of ladder golf with the hubs in celebration of the Olympics
Which reminds me ... way to go USA. 

sad. day. 
the pump on this here lovely expresso machine passed down from my momma is at the point of no return. so much for me trying to perfect my at-home-starbucks-caramel-macchiato each morning. 

Don't even get me started on the awesomeness of this picture. Lol. 
She has made her daddy proud! 

It's been h-o-t here. Like living on the face of the sun hot. And the only way to even remotely enjoy the outdoors is by consuming something coooold! Like ice cream. Like Blue Bell's Christmas Cookies in July ice cream. YUM! 
Get ya some. 

life rearranged


  1. She is so cute! And is getting so big!

  2. Oh. My. Your babe is SO sweet! And that basketball shot is the best!

  3. Just found your blog! So cute... XoXo

  4. Your daughter is so adorable!!

    Visiting via Friday's Letters :)