Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday ABC's for a Special Someone

circa 2008

ABC list of memories since your last birthday ...

A: arizona to visit Brandon & Stacie.
B: beach to bay.
C: celebrated Blaykleigh's 1st birthday.
D: dress you bought me for my birthday.
E: esp magic trick, not gonna lie you had me fooled.
F: flying for the very first time as a family.
G: garden we built.
H: holidays that we spent in our home together as a family.
I: ice cream in bed.
J: jumping off a 35 ft cliff into the lake.
K: kansas road trip.
L: lazy evenings spent on the couch.
M: mother's day dinner you made me, still makes my mouth water.
N: nights playing board games.
O: offering to help out Wednesday's with the church youth group.
P: practicing venipuncture on you ... such a good sport.
Q: quiet evenings enjoying each other's company.
R: rabbit you let me keep so I could try to nurse it back to health.
S: sunday morning Starbucks runs.
T: table rock lake.
U: umpteen chipotle burritos while traveling.
V: vegetables you started liking since we "grew" them.
W: wicked the broadway show in Austin.
X: xxx's - my daily smooches from you.
Y: yellow "I love the way you smile at me" painting we did together.
Z: zoo trips!

Blaykleigh and I love you so very much! 

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