Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Fall, here I sit ... waiting. Dear Husband, in four days you will have exactly three hundred and sixty five days remaining of your twenties - that has got to sting a little! Happy early 1st anniversary of your 29th birthday. ILoveYou. Dear Medical Terminology Professor, your kindness in bumping my final grade from 89.3% to 90% made my month, sorry for referring to you as a stifler in days past. Dear Blaykleigh, mommy is in love with your Eskimo kisses and it's so cute how the butterfly kisses tickle your cheek and make you laugh. Dear Kristin, my dear dear friend, 14 days to the day until you step foot off that plane and into the good ol' sticky-sweaty-sultriness of South Texas. But boy will I be glad to see your face!!! Dear cabin in Silverthorn that sits on the wetlands and has moose (or is it meese, perhaps mooses?) that roam the grounds, can.not.wait. Dear Football season, you are slowly starting to flow through the veins of my husband and this year I have decided to try and learn to enjoy your presence in our lives. ... GO TEAM!



1 comment:

  1. I am SO ready for fall too! And a cabin with moose?? I want to come! = )

    Have a great weekend!