Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blaykleigh's 1st Birthday

We had Blaykleigh's first birthday party last Sunday and it turned out spectacular!!! I was so glad to have my mom here; her creative touches are always the best. Everything came together perfectly and we had a house-full of wonderful people that came to celebrate Blaykleigh's first year (Thanks again everyone). It was definitely a bitter sweet moment for me -- my little baby bird is growing up before my eyes. 

The decorations. 
I made a lot of them which was fun; got to put my sewing machine to use for the banner! And the party hats turned out perfect -- think I may start a new homemade party hat 'tradition' for all of B's birthdays. (Of course I say that now, I am sure several years from now when her party guests reach the double digits that idea will be out the window-ha!) 

The cupcakes. 
Vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting -- delish!!!

The birthday girl.
The most beautiful birthday girl around at that.

The "Thank You" gifts. 
Adorable bathtub books I found & bubbles for Miss Tate-I think she is past the bathtub book stage. 

The 'little' party guests.

The Gifts.
Little miss got tons of wonderful birthday presents. 

All the little ones were wanting to help B open her gifts, it was really cute. 

Daddy & Mommy with the birthday girl! 
(I can't believe my mom came all the way from Colorado to be here for B's birthday and I didn't even get a picture with her and the birthday girl!) OH! And doesn't Blaykleigh look thrilled ;)

The SMASH cake. 
She so delicately picked the tiniest pieces off her cake at first. 

Then Jason showed her what a smash cake is all about!

She was one messy girl!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little lady!

  2. Aww! Why thank you Danae. =) ... when are you due with your next darling little girl???

  3. I loved the party hats! You did such a great job with it all. I can't believe our wee little ones are getting so old.

  4. Aw. Thanks! It was fun making them. =) And I know, it's crazy how fast a year can fly by.

  5. What a cute party and darling little girl!! It was fun seeing you guys last Saturday :)

  6. Thanks Lynette!!! It was good seeing you guys as well :) ... can't wait to see your precious baby girl. ... Few more weeks!!!