Friday, December 30, 2011

7 months old

Look at you little girl! So full of personality. It's crazy how much older it sounds when I say "I have a 7 month old"... Before I know it, I'll have to start referring to your age in years not months (harsh reality!).  Nevertheless you are growing up too fast!!! I know, I know how many times can I repeat myself?! But it's the truth, so please SLOW DOWN. I am always taking pictures of you, mostly on my phone but it's because I don't want to ever forget any of your "moments". And with how fast the last 7 months has gone, I guess I am kind of afraid that your moments/my memories will kind of just get jumbled up in my brain, that they won't be as clear as I want them to be in the years ahead. So that is why I currently have 686 pictures on my phone and I am quite certain that of the 686 pictures 650 of them are of YOU! That doesn't even begin to include the plethora of others that I have taken of you on the actual camera AND I absolutely hate having to delete any picture of you, I think this could potentially become a cause for concern?! Is there such thing as 'digital picture hoarding'? Anyways, not sure why I went off on this picture taking tangent, all I really want to say is how much I love you!!!

At 7 months old, Blaykleigh ... 

  • not sure on exact weight or height but will update here shortly
  • is a pro at sitting up by herself with only a few minor face plants from time to time & after the 'crash', she always looks up at me with a smile - what a champ! 
  • has not one but TWO teeth ... 2 down, 26ish more to go
  • as of today she has added a few more syllables to her vocabulary list - there is the ever most favorite "da-da", Jase & I heard a "na-na" or two tonight & I SWEAR she said "ma-ma" but it very well could have been another "na-na" so I will wait until I hear that one again before making the big "she said Momma" announcement 
  • has a new favorite pastime sticking out her tongue and spitting (hence the first picture - HA!)
  • loves her cereal & yogurt puffs, in fact it's the only thing that keeps her quiet while out running errands lately. She has started to get bored I am guessing because like any normal person when bored she screams at the top of her lungs over and over just to see how loud she can get. It doesn't matter that we are in the middle of Target and people are staring holes of death through me ... nope, she finds it enjoyably entertaining. I however, not so much annnd that is where the puffs come into play. 
  • experienced her first Christmas!!!! It was wonderful. Spent time with family here in Texas, read her the REAL story of Christmas, opened some presents - of which the wrapping paper was her favorite, surprise surprise.
  • rolls around like she is on a mission and when you voice your acknowledgment with a "LOOK at you B, how did you get over there?!?!" she squeals and kicks her legs with self-delight ... it's really super cute.  

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Through the eyes of a child ...

Too precious not to share. 
The story of the birth of sweet baby Jesus from the most innocent of beings.
How blessed are we?

Once again,

A Very Merry Christmas

Hark! The herald angels sing
Glory to the newborn King 
Peace on Earth and mercy mild 
God and sinners reconciled 

We would like to wish all of our family and friends a very Merry Christmas! 

the Stowell's

Friday, December 23, 2011

Insta-Friday Christmas

I grew up with real Christmas trees my whole life and Jase for the most part, has always had a fake tree. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a fake tree; they are convenient, cost effective and less of a fire hazard. But with that said, I have so many special memories of going to pick out our tree each year and really, really wanted to bring that 'tradition' into our own little family. It took a little bit of begging and a pouty face (or two) but finally he agreed and off we went in search for our perfect Christmas tree. 

Being surrounded by all the variations of trees made me feel like I was back in Colorado. Just one suggestion for the Holiday Hills tree lot ... Next year why don't you invest in a snow machine because then it will really be legit, please and thank you. 

Red. Green. White. 
We chose to stick with the traditional Christmas colors and what a beautiful choice it was! 
I am in LOVE with our tree. 

One of my favorite ornaments, a knitted "S" for Stowell (obviously). 
And see those lights on there? It took me not once, not twice but three trips to the store in order to get the correct amount of lights that would wrap around the tree from top to bottom. Silly me for thinking that one box of 200 lights would be enough or even 2 boxes for that matter. Hey! It seemed like a lot at the time of purchase. ... You live and you learn.

Man of the house puttin' on that tree topper. 

Blaykleigh's very first Christmas ornament. I got the idea from pinterest, but changed it up a tad. The one on pinterest had a baby/child's handprint in paint on the glass bulb. But I didn't think I would be able to get a clean impression of Miss B's handprint that way. So I opted for a fabric cut out of her traced hand and mod-podged it on instead (hence the cloudy look to the bulb).  

Blaykleigh's 1st Christmas 2011

Yup! That little girl with the bow on her head, by far the best present under the tree! Nothing could ever top a gift like that. 

Our collection of Christmas cards! Which, I LOVE receiving. There have been a few added since I took the picture ... displaying them is the best part!!! 

Little bird with Santa AND Mrs. Clause. This was round #2 of sitting on Santa's lap, perhaps this means he will bring her extra presents? Hehe. 

life rearranged

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Christmas light stroll

Friday night started off with a trip to Starbucks. Shocked, I know! After coffee was in-hand we made our way over to Everhart Road where we parked the car in the C.C. Country Club 'members ONLY' (that of which we are not) parking lot. Shhhh, it's not like we snuck into their pool or anything! Once unloaded we made our away to Candy Cane Lane!!! Talk about Griswold-esque Christmas display(s) ... And people we're not referring to just one house decked out in probably trillions (yes, TRILLIONS) of lights bright enough to be seen from outer-space, that of which I am sure of but streets upon streets of houses so bright it almost makes your eyes hurt. 

Here are some pictures. Enjoy! 
If you live in C.C., I highly recommend going to take a gander at all the TRILLIONS of lights.
And walk, don't drive ... pretty sure it's not as fun! 

 Two more things, you can 'like' them on facebook - annnd they even have a parade! Makes it even more bona fide, right?

Friday, December 16, 2011


Life around the Stowell house as of late. 

Our little bird has been working hard at getting her a set of chompers. 
So far her two bottom ones have come through & it's been rough, rough ride - although one would never know with a sweet face like that. 

Jason gave her a taste of his donut ... BIG mistake. She couldn't get enough & got a little 'tude when he tried to pull it away. 

Christmas cards & postage! 

We recently introduced Miss B to fruit and veggie puffs - she loves them! 
And so do the dogs, they eat the trail of them that she leaves behind her. 

love. her. so. so. much. 

Sooooo much studying. But well worth it ... got an A in the bag!!!

Blaykleigh just loves seeing Caleb!

Pulled out the sewing machine to make B's stocking. 

Her stocking!

(yes, even all the furries have a stocking hung.)

Love having such a smily baby. 
She melts my heart about a 1,000 times a day.

Definitely not a beer fan but I loved how 'cheery' this display looked. 

life rearranged

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY countertop cleaner

Okay, I swear by this stuff. I pinned it awhile back and have been using it for the last few months and it is amazing!!! We have granite countertops in our kitchen and after I wipe them down with the homemade countertop cleaner, it's like the entire room sparkles. I have used it in the bathrooms too where there isn't granite and it works just as well. 

All it takes is about an 1/8 of rubbing alcohol, a few drops of Dawn antibacterial soap, a little bit of scented oil (I chose Lavender) and water. Then you shake it all together and done! Now you have a bottle full of what I would consider to be the world's best countertop cleaner. I promise, once you try this stuff you won't want to use the store bought cleaners ever again!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Christmas Wreath

I am smitten over all the yarn wreaths on pinterest. 
And we were in desperate need of a little something over our fire place mantel. 
Sooo I found this pin and got to work. 
(had help from the husband - don't want to steal all the credit)
From start to finish the project took about 4 hours with only a few hiccups along the way.
Tell me what ya think?

We think it looks pretty snazzy. 
Just what the mantel needed.

** next on the list is Blaykleigh's Christmas stocking and to finish up the fabric balls for the tree. 

Friday, December 2, 2011


and a video. 

A little bit of life over the last two weeks. 

It was a Holiday Hotcake kind of date! 
Got to love your local ihop!

My pumpkin caramel praline pancakes; sounds amazing right?
Well, I insure you - they were!
Jase got eggnog something or other pancakes (gag me)
but he liked them so whatev. 

B sleeps
Jason plays AngryBirds

I shop for some new ridin' boots!

Story goes: Jason's parents flew into Austin the Friday before Thanksgiving because there was a KState game to be won on Saturday. Jason was to meet them in Austin for the game. Then Sunday his parents were going to drive down to Corpus for the Thanksgiving week. Well, little did they know but Blaykleigh and I decided to tag along and surprise them in Austin - they hadn't seen her since she was born! Once they headed off to the game, her and I had plans to meet up with a friend of mine there and get some 'girl time' in.

**I told Bonnie early that day that B and I were home cleaning "dust bunnies" hence the "dust bunny" remark and genius me hit the 'stop record' button too soon, therefore the video cut off before you get to see B getting her some Granny love! 

Grabbed some coffee with Keli while in Austin.
We went to Mozart's on Lake Austin. Horrible view right?
One of the neatest coffee shops I have ever been to!
Totally worth stopping by there if you are ever in the area.

I got the Mozart Mocha.
It had caramel and some other ingredient in it.

Got our grub on at Maudie's TexMex.

Soaking up that precious time.

Jason turns 60! 
Ha. I kid, I kid. 
But I have no doubt in my mind that he won't look 
much older when he actually reaches that milestone. 
One would never think with a youthful face like his
 that he is nearing the big 3-0. 
Such a handsome fella. 

Cupcakes for Granny ... the real birthday girl.

What? Who says the cook can't taste? The batter is the best part.

My version of "Silent night". 

life rearranged

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Letterpress love ...

Oh. man.

I should reaaally be in bed, going to sleep but I am on a mission.

     "operation christmas cards."

          ... at the rate I am going, I'll be lucky to get them out before the New Year. *sigh*

           here are some that I am eyeing in no particular order:

found at 

found at

found at

found at