Sunday, August 21, 2011

Couples Minute to Win It

One of Jason's favorite game shows is NBC's Minute to Win It and in celebration of his birthday we thought it would be fun to get several of our married/dating friends together and have a "Couples Minute to Win It" party! The turnout was great and I think it is safe to say that ALL of us had great time making fools of ourselves and laughing! If you have never seen the game show I urge you to watch it. I also highly recommend getting some of your friends together to play some of these games because I don't know when was the last time I had so much fun! Here are (believe it or not) just a "few" pictures from the night that I took ... Enjoy! 

The teams:

 Team 3 Amigos

 Team Trailer Trash
(they went ALL out & I LOVED it!)

 Team Wilcoxson

L to R: The Donor, The Boob Man, The Milk Maid

Winnin' with the Oldies  

 Team High School Sweethearts 

 The Twins

 The Wildcat
(wife was away on business so he was our "team of one" for the night)

 The Dugster's

The Games:

 Level 1: Breakfast Scramble 

 Level 2: Penny Hose 

 Level 3: Defying Gravity 

 Level 4: Face the Cookie
(definitely a funny game to watch)

 Level 5: A Bit Dicey 

 Level 6: Ready Spaghetti 

Level 7: Nutstacker 

 Level 8: What a Racquet
(got to get those hips a movin' for this game LOL)

 Tie Breaker: Bite Me

 The Scores

 The Prizes ...

 Our "one manned team" for the night making it rain in 1st Place! 

 The Dugster's came in 2nd and won a trip to Hawaii .... and our baby LOL. 

 High School Sweethearts came in 3rd and went home with a brand new pool table!
... I would like to thank the Dollar Store for the wonderful prizes awarded to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contestants!

The night was a blast and perhaps there is a "re-match" in the future! 

All of the game descriptions were found here: how to


  1. great job on the party!! Thanks so much for helping me with games for our family reunion. I love the prizes!!! Thanks!

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