Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Texas Roadhouse, you hit the spot! Your decadent cinnamon butter on those warm, fresh out of the oven dinner rolls can't be beat. Dear HESI, you and I need several study dates pronto … time is a tickin'! Dear Husband, I really enjoyed celebrating your TWENTY-NINTH birthday and I promise (cross my heart) not to let you forget that in 362 days you will be 30 ….. ya know the big "3-0"!!! Dear Hunger Games, two thumbs up from this gal. Dear Pharmacology textbook, you intimidate me. Dear Mom and Dad, 16 weeks to the day Blaykleigh and myself will be on the wings of that silver eagle headed your way! Can I get a "hoooooo-ray"?! Dear great inventor of t.v. and whomever decided it was a good idea for t.v.'s to be in the backseat of cars, …. I thank you immensely!!! Dear Medscape app, I have a feeling you and I will be the best of friends this coming semester. Dear Blaykleigh, you are momma's little social butterfly, always looking for an opportunity to meet a new friend - there is not a shy bone in your body! 

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  1. Your daughter is gorgeous! Love your letters

  2. I love Texas Roadhouse butter. It is simply the best.