Friday, July 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 10 months

took her first trip to visit her cousins Megan and Michelle in Omaha 
while in Omaha, got to experience all the animals at the zoo
has 5 cute little chompers 
took a nasty fall from the kitchen counter that ended up with a trip to the ER but other than a few minor injuries she was O.K. - thankfully
still a roller, not a crawler
waved her first flag on the 4th of july
not a huge fan of the fireworks
experienced her first drive in movie - despicable me 3
loves playing with her daddy and big sis 
is sleeping in her crib now at night for most of the night but not sleeping through the night yet
says: dada, cat, and something that sounds a little bit like dog but dada and doooche are her most frequently spoken "words"

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 9 months

this sweet chickadee gained a whopping 7 oz over the last month weighing in at 15.14 lbs
she is 28 inches long
prefers rolling to crawling 
but can officially sit up like a big girl 
has 4 pearly whites and quickly working on more
was dedicated to the Lord this past month alongside her big sister
nani came for another visit
helped us celebrate her sister's 6th birthday
cheered her daddy on during his 3rd 1/2 marathon
granny and grampy came to visit for a weekend
loves bubbles
took her first trip down the slide on her big sister's lap 
started sleeping in her crib for naps and is doing well so far
still sleeps in the co-sleeper at night though
 giggles the sweetest giggle while in the swing

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 8 months old

weighs 15.7 lbs
one of her top teeth have finally broken through, now just waiting on the other one
gets around by rolling although has recently started testing out the crawling pose
had a uti this past month and it was awful, poor girl
still sleeps in the co-sleeper
can sit up on her own for the most part, still tumbles from time to time
enjoys getting out in the sunshine
tried some of my re-fried beans on Cinco De Mayo and ended up eating most of them herself
still is a less than ideal napper/sleeper
got to spend lots of time with her gramps during his visit
vocabulary still consists of mainly "da-da, ba-ba, pssst" and baby babble
loves to wrap her arm around my arm when we lay in bed together

Friday, April 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 7 months old

weighs 14 lbs
she is working hard at cutting those top too teeth
battled her first cold
likes to roll and is always rolling off her play-mat
still practicing her sitting up skills
still co-sleep in our room
uses her voice often and started becoming very vocal in the middle of the night
says "da-da-da" and then all sorts of other baby babble
we started to practice some baby sign language and she gets a big smile on her face when I sign "milk"
naps are still touch and go with a few decent ones from time to time if I am lucky
wore her first pair of baby shoes, hand me downs from her big sis
started eating baby food

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 6 months old

weighs 13.12 pounds and is in the 11th percentile 
is 26" in length and in the 60th percentile
still just a little peanut of a gal
she now has her two bottom pearly whites
still sleeps next to momma in the co-sleeper
has blessed me with a few decent naps lately
went to her first mardi gras party 
has the sweetest little giggle & is always laughing at her big sis
says "da-da-da-da"
enjoys playing with her baby toys
drools all the time
celebrated her first valentines day
met some of her extended family in Kansas

My sweet Nellie Belly, Nellie Bean, Peanut Pie, Little Bit ... you have so many fun nicknames that we like to call you! I can't believe you've been apart of our family for 6 months, it seems like it's gone by so quickly but at the same time it feels like you've always been with us. You bring so much light to our family sweet girl. Your smile makes my heart melt over and over again and I love how incredibly cuddly you are. You love your momma and you love to nurse and we have such a special bond, I want to hold onto every moment we have because you seem to change a little each day. But as the saying goes, "babies don't keep". Your big sister is head over heels for you and is always so concerned for you. You are the first person she wants to see in the morning and when you cry, she is always informing me of your needs, she says she understands all your baby babels and I am quite certain to some extent she may! She is great at entertaining you and is the best at getting you to laugh and she loves to pick out your clothes and splash with you in the bath. You definitely love you some Daddy time and he adores his precious girl, he is a great "girl dad", so you and your sister and certainly blessed. Happy 6 months to you my precious Nell, we love you so!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 5 months old

she cut her first tooth
rolls from her tummy to her back on occasion 
rolled once from her back to tummy
weighs 13lbs
still co-sleeps in our room
thinks her sister is super funny
pro at 20 minute cat naps
second flight on an airplane 
went to colorado for the third time with just mommy
was diagnosed with allergic colitis
now that my diet has been drastically adjusted her eczema is better
still loves her snuggles
finally getting the hang of a pacifier 
baby babbles all the time

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 4 months old

blows raspberries all day everyday 
currently weighs 12lbs
went on her first & very long road trip to colorado ... won't be doing that again anytime soon
got lots of love from everyone in colorado
 had her first christmas and new years
met the hagen boys for the first time and they love her so
her eczema is out of control right now
dreaded sleep regression is upon us
still sleeps in mom and dad's room
first belly laughs 
 almost always has a smile on her sweet little face
can roll from her tummy to her back with little assistance