Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yo-Yo bobby pins

I made these for a friend for her birthday! A cute way to spruce up any hair-do and super easy to make so I thought I would share. 

- First you will need some fabric (a great way to use your scrap fabric if you have any)
- Find something round to trace onto your fabric, I used a small bowl being that your yo-yo will be about half the size of your original piece of fabric
- Cut out your traced circle
- Then thread your needle & tie your knot
- Insert the needle along the edge of your fabric on the wrong side so that your knot will be on the inside of your yo-yo
- Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle, turning the edge as you sew, stopping when you reach where you started
- Holding the thread that is still attached to your needle gently pull the thread to gather your circle
- Gather until your circle is closed
- Then stitch the center of your yo-yo closed, you can add a button or something of the sort like I did
- Get a bobby pin and sew that to the back of your yo-yo & you are done

*You can also add these yo-yo's to just about anything: decorative pillows, shirts, flip flops, headbands, handbags etc.

Happy yo-yo-ing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A day in the life of Bitty B ...

Good morning sunshine! Once awake, we spend time snuggling in bed and sometimes even drift back off to sleep if we had a long night.

Waiting for the morning coffee ... a must have in this household. 

Our wide-eyed girl is dressed for the day and spends time on her activity mat while mommy gets ready. Mannie our highly energetic Bengal is just as amused by the activity mat as B!

Morning naps are always welcomed because that means I can get some work time in.

After nap-time I take a break from working, B and I go outside for some fresh air and tummy time!

She never fails to let me know when she has had enough. 

Not long after that it's about time for another nap and I try my best to work on the computer one handed.

Sleeping in the Moby Wrap as I make dinner. 

Joining us at the dinner table and if you couldn't tell, she is thrilled to see her daddy! 

After dinner we took a family stroll around the neighborhood in the ridiculous heat ... a popsicle was in order for Jason and I to help stay cool!

Her most favorite time of the day! 

Sweet sleep little one. 

Late night cuddle time with daddy as they listen to Lifehouse on the iPhone. 

A special birthday wish

Blaykleigh wanted to send her Gramps a little BiRtHdAy wish!


Monday, July 25, 2011

2 months old

Our little bird, you are two months old today. I can honestly say I don't know where the time has gone?! With each passing day you are getting bigger, growing smarter and becoming your own little person. I think I can speak for both myself and your dad when I say that we are enjoying all of our moments with you. Waking up to see your face each morning is just another reminder of how blessed we are! With those thoughts in mind, it makes me wish that my grandmother "Meme" was still alive to meet you. She was quite the woman with a heart bigger than most. I know that she would have been absolutely awestruck by you. You do know that your middle name came from her; it was her maiden name - Carole Anne Turner - beautiful, just like her and just like you! 

At two months old, Blaykleigh ....
  •    is 22 inches and 11 lbs 1 oz
  •    has started cooing and loves hearing the different fluctuations in her voice
  •    smiles all the time, especially when Jason or I talk to her
  •    still is suffering from acid reflux and goes through massive amounts of clothes and burp rags 
  •    loves to cuddle with her daddy as they listen to Pandora Radio on his iPhone
  •    thinks her medicine tastes good, she smacks her lips as we give it to her
  •    has discovered her tongue and is constantly sticking it out of her mouth
  •    likes to "snack" on her fists
  •    sometimes will suck on her thumb
  •    absolutely adores bath-time and recently even enjoyed a swim with Jason at a friends pool 
  •    likes tummy time most of the time as long as we are down on the floor with her
  •   when she finds an object of interest she will concentrate on it very hard & makes funny faces
  •   ceiling fans and blinds never fail to capture her attention 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday FuN-dAy

Today was the first Sunday since the birth of Blaykleigh that we have made it to church. We didn't want to drop her off at the nursery so we took turns holding her during worship & the sermon; she did wonderful - minus the two interruptions for a diaper change. During worship our church turns off the overhead lights & has different color stage lights that move around (has a concert feel to it) & Blaykleigh loved watching the all the colors dance about the room! 

Mommy & B ready for church.

Our sweet, sweet angel.


We had a pretty quiet afternoon & then met up with family for some Mexican food downtown. 

Sushi Chef Tate, our dinner table entertainment.

Tater has a crush on who? 

My husband! 

She informed us that Jason was her husband, looks like I might have some competition lol. 

Little bird, wonderful as ever.

B with her Great, Great Aunt Martha. 

B with her Great, Great Aunt Nelda. 

Cousin Allison holding little Miss. 

Nothing sweeter than a father & his daughter. 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer days

Blaykleigh had her first swim in the pool yesterday & absolutely enjoyed it! As much as I want her to stay little, it is so much fun to be able to get out & experience different things with her as she is getting a bit older!

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend with wonderful friends to celebrate it with. Shaul, Em, the boys & Kris came down from Colorado for a long weekend and we all had a blast! There were sandcastles, grilling and pre-fireworks at the house and a 4th of July adventure trying to make it over the Harbor Bridge for dinner reservations that none of us will forget ... we won't even mention the 2 hr ride home ... the firework show made it worth it! 

I love these girls

Jase, Shaul & Ro-bo's head

Harper's sandcastle

Rowan relaxing in the shade

Blaykleigh's first time at the beach

Guess I could have cropped the food & beer bottle out of the pic

The three of us go waaaay back

Firework show shot off the USS-Lex