Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Colorado, 133 days until my eyes feast upon your splendor. Don't worry, I am not counting down or anything! Dear Husband, I am ready for an all out duel of ladder golf this evening. Get your game face on because once our darling is asleep ... it's GO time! Dear Nails (both finger & toe), the sight of you scares me. Seems that you are both suffering from a bad case of neglect. Doctor's orders are in: at-home mani & pedi ASAP. Dear College, each semester you get a generous amount of $ from our piggy bank. So please, explain to me why it is so complicated for you to schedule me a simple meeting with advising?! We're not talking about brain surgery here, just a simple one-on-one meeting with my advisor so I can figure out this nursing school stuff. Thanks! Dear Blaykleigh, my heart melts each time I see you rocking your "babies". As you rock them, you ever so delicately pat them on the back before giving them nice big smooches on their head. Pretty sure you couldn't get any sweeter! Dear Barre Fitness Studio, tomorrow will be my very first Signature Barre class! Be kind. 

OH and just incase you didn't know ....

it's FRIDAY!
it's FRIDAY!



  1. From one Whitney to another! I just came across your blog from Friday Letters :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by to say "hi"! I've only met a handful of 'Whitney's' in my life. ;)

    Going to go take a peak at your blog now!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. i wish i was going to Colorado!

    have a great Sunday! drop by and say hi!