Wednesday, August 31, 2011

B Reads

oh. my. do I ever love this little girl! She is my every waking minute and a few of the half asleep ones too. I try my best to make time to read her a book or two during the day, not that she grasps the storyline just yet but you can never start reading too early, right?! Any who, the Hill's (Jason's family) sent us a goodie box full of books for Miss B last week - thanks again! - and this book Black on White is by far her favorite. It's not words (because there are none) that are captivating her attention in this photo but the contrast of the solid black images on the stark white pages ... perfect for the infantile mind and the only book in her collection that seems to hold her attention for any length of time. I highly recommend this book or one like it for any others out there that have or are about to have a baby. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 months old

Little bird you're a quarter of a year old today! I simply cannot believe it. I don't ever remember time going by as fast as it does now that you are here. You have grown so so much over the last month in every possible way. You are such a happy baby girl with such a sweet and tender persona; I couldn't ask for anything more. Your smile lights up my heart each and every time I see it! I love our moments together and in three months time, I have forever tucked away so many special memories deep within my heart of us ... what a gift you are. 

At three months old, Blaykleigh ...
  •  is about 13-14lbs (according to our bathroom scale) and 23-24 inches in length 
  • chatters, desperately trying to have a conversation with us ... esp. when her daddy gets home from work
  • has started to grow a little bit more hair on the top of her head
  • still loves her baths at night
  • is in awe of the television and all the colors on the screen 
  • blows spit bubbles and drools constantly; needless to say bibs are her newest daily accessory 
  • is slowly starting to mimic things we do like: sticks her tongue and crinkling her nose 
  • loves sticking her hands in her mouth and anything else she can maneuver up in that direction
  • her acid reflux still rears its ugly head on an almost daily basis 
  • gets frustrated with her reflection while laying on her activity mat and gazing into the mirror after about 10 mins ... not sure what that is about
  • loves to be close to me esp. at bedtime; it never fails ... I lay her down to sleep and the moment I leave the room she will awake from a dead sleep and start fussing
  • gets rather impatient with "breaks" during her feedings and voices it quiet well 
  • smiles the world's best smile the majority of her waking hours
  • has the prettiest color of deep blue in her eyes and I hope they stay that color
  • is very entertained by her Black on White book (Thank you Hill family)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Couples Minute to Win It

One of Jason's favorite game shows is NBC's Minute to Win It and in celebration of his birthday we thought it would be fun to get several of our married/dating friends together and have a "Couples Minute to Win It" party! The turnout was great and I think it is safe to say that ALL of us had great time making fools of ourselves and laughing! If you have never seen the game show I urge you to watch it. I also highly recommend getting some of your friends together to play some of these games because I don't know when was the last time I had so much fun! Here are (believe it or not) just a "few" pictures from the night that I took ... Enjoy! 

The teams:

 Team 3 Amigos

 Team Trailer Trash
(they went ALL out & I LOVED it!)

 Team Wilcoxson

L to R: The Donor, The Boob Man, The Milk Maid

Winnin' with the Oldies  

 Team High School Sweethearts 

 The Twins

 The Wildcat
(wife was away on business so he was our "team of one" for the night)

 The Dugster's

The Games:

 Level 1: Breakfast Scramble 

 Level 2: Penny Hose 

 Level 3: Defying Gravity 

 Level 4: Face the Cookie
(definitely a funny game to watch)

 Level 5: A Bit Dicey 

 Level 6: Ready Spaghetti 

Level 7: Nutstacker 

 Level 8: What a Racquet
(got to get those hips a movin' for this game LOL)

 Tie Breaker: Bite Me

 The Scores

 The Prizes ...

 Our "one manned team" for the night making it rain in 1st Place! 

 The Dugster's came in 2nd and won a trip to Hawaii .... and our baby LOL. 

 High School Sweethearts came in 3rd and went home with a brand new pool table!
... I would like to thank the Dollar Store for the wonderful prizes awarded to our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contestants!

The night was a blast and perhaps there is a "re-match" in the future! 

All of the game descriptions were found here: how to

A special birthday wish

HaPpY bIrThDaY dAdDy! 

Blaykleigh and I wanted to wish you a very HAPPY 28th Birthday!

I am so grateful God gave me you! I love you more than words can say and am very blessed to have you as my husband. I am thankful for all you do for not just myself but for Blaykleigh as well; you're an amazing father to your little girl! 

We LOVE you. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Pinterest Project

I've had an obsession with since I first found out about it. I literally lose track of time when I am on there, Jason can attest to that! That website is overflowing with SO many neat ideas; ideas of which inspire my creative-being. Here is the first of many "pins" that I (with the help of my wonderful husband) recreated:

Pinterest pin:

(just so you know, the walls really aren't this yellow)