Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nellie Louise - 8 months old

weighs 15.7 lbs
one of her top teeth have finally broken through, now just waiting on the other one
gets around by rolling although has recently started testing out the crawling pose
had a uti this past month and it was awful, poor girl
still sleeps in the co-sleeper
can sit up on her own for the most part, still tumbles from time to time
enjoys getting out in the sunshine
tried some of my re-fried beans on Cinco De Mayo and ended up eating most of them herself
still is a less than ideal napper/sleeper
got to spend lots of time with her gramps during his visit
vocabulary still consists of mainly "da-da, ba-ba, pssst" and baby babble
loves to wrap her arm around my arm when we lay in bed together

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