Monday, April 11, 2011

Practical & Meaningful guide to parenting ...

I came across these words of "advice" on a blog that I read from time to time. It seems to fit well with the days, months & years that lay ahead of us! 

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  • Take photos of everything.

  • Write down the things she says and the way she makes you feel.

  • Realize that nothing is too precious and use your grandmother's good china to throw her and her friends a tea party. 

  • Sleep is overrated.

  • They will eat when they are hungry.

  • They will sleep through the night.

  • Sleep training is good for all of you - in whatever form you do it.

  • Constantly offer healthy snacks every couple of hours and they will learn to be life long good eaters.

  • Being a working mom makes you a good role model for them.

  • Send photos to the grandparents regularly.  Hard copies - not just digital via email.

  • Your relationship with your partner needs to come first, and then you both can be there for your child.

  • Give yourself time when you can, to think your own thoughts.

  • You will get used to the Wonderpets/Wiggles/Raffi/Little Einstein music and then despise it once you can.

  • Tell your daughter stories about you and your childhood. They want to know everything.

  • Let your kids use your stuff. Pull down your box of treasures and have fun.

  • Teach them about money.

  • Let them play dress up in your clothes - pretty shirts make great dresses.

  • When they are in pain, you will feel helpless.

  • Give them choices - it is a way to control the options, but empower them to make decisions.

  • Teach them that credibility is built up over a lifetime of doing the right thing.

  • Credibility takes time to build and can be lost with one bad decision.

  • Motivate them through praise and example.

  • Exercise with them.

  • You will get used to changing diapers and then despise it once you no longer have to do it.

  • A good way to get them to sleep is to "fake yawn" when you lie down with them.

  • A good way to wake them up is to bring them breakfast in bed and let the smell wake them up.

  • Monster go away spray (water in a bottle) is a great way to guard off fear of monsters.  

  • Spend as much time as possible with them.

  • Tell them you love them every single day.

  • Teach them to be affectionate and loving and respectful people.

  • No experience is necessary, you will know what to do when you need to do it.

  • When they ask about sex, tell them everything.

  • Give them blank canvases to paint on.

  • Teach them to cook.

  • Do not let them ride in the front seat, until they are old enough.

  • Teach them your cell phone number.

  • Do not let them ride their bike or scooter without a helmet.

  • Let them make a mess in the kitchen.

  • Inform them that if they are ever in a situation where they feel in danger - that the regular rules DO NOT APPLY and that they should make as much noise and cause as much distraction as possible.

  • Choose your battles.

  • When you do say NO, mean it and own it.

  • Make rules for your family and realize that other families will have their own rules. Respect both.

  • Love them.

  • Respect them. 

  • If there is anymore advice out there, we're all ears! 

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    the bump update

    31 weeks & 1 day 

    Blaykleigh is around 19 inches in length, weighs approximately 4lbs and as she continues to grow, her living quarters have become a bit cramped! The last sono I had she was still head down and extremely low which is a prime position for a smooth delivery, hopefully! 

    She still moves around all the time, this includes many more movements during the day. Although, they are often not as strong as they used to be but that would once again be due to the tight space that she has to work with. 

    Jason and I both get quite the entertainment out of not only feeling her little movements these days but watching them as my stomach moves from side to side. 

    I was put on bed rest for preterm labor around 29 weeks and as of now that is where I remain! It looks like I will most likely be kept on bed rest unless the preterm contractions finally come to a halt?!