Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo Challenge

Ooookay here are the last four photo challenges for February - grouped together at that. 

day twenty-six.

(an erie foggy night, not too many cars in the parking lot when your class gets out close to 10 p.m.)

day twenty-seven.

something you ate. 
(a lovely bowl of ice cream to end the night)

day twenty-eight.

(miss b gets a birthday card each month on her 'month-older birthday' from her granny and each card always has a dollar in it, sweet don't ya think?)

day twenty-nine.

something you are listening to. 
(poor b is sick, horrible horrible cough - taking her back to the doctor tomorrow but for now she is rooming-in with us in her pack & play so I can keep a closer eye on her)

Well, there you have it. A month long photo challenge complete! Granted I failed horribly at posting the majority of the photos on the days they were actually taken but nonetheless I got it done and had fun while doing it. 

Sensory Treasure Basket

I found this idea on The Imagination Tree website (here) like forever ago, while pregnant and on bed rest! This website has so many great ideas for creative play for little ones so I suggest you check it out. Since Blaykleigh has started crawling she has become way more curious about her surroundings and gets easily bored if in one place for too long. So the other day I was in desperate need of a good solid 5+ hours of study time but really would take any amount that Blaykleigh would give me and I remembered seeing this idea. I spent probably 20 minutes or so rummaging the house for random 'sensory' items that would be safe for her to play with. I threw them in a basket that we had laying around the house and set her in front of it and I kid you not, she entertained herself for almost 2 hours!!! It was a miracle and even better, it was f-r-e-e!

I would say that the sensory treasure basket was a success! I plan on adding more to it and possibly even changing it out from time to time. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

This week for dinner ...

Since there are no leftovers to be had & the grocery store will have to wait until tomorrow, it will either be a 'take-out' kind of night or a good old fashioned pb&j. 

Mediterranean Pizza

Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, E Peperoncino
Spaghetti with Garlic, Olive Oil and Chili flakes 
(the first way sounds much fancier)

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia with Roasted Red Potatoes

Nachos sound simply divine!

I'm thinking a night out for dinner! 

Roast Turkey breast with Corn Casserole 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Photo Challenge

another grouped photo challenge ...

day twenty-one.

a fave photo(s) of you.
(picture in the black frame was one of our very first photos together as a couple, picture in the iridescent frame was our engagement photo & picture in the vintage pearl frame our wedding day photo!)

day twenty-two.

where you work. 
(I don't have a job outside of the house, I am a stay-at-home mom & finishing up my nursing degree on the side. So this is a picture of the 'wire-man' at school; we are currently mastering the circulatory system.)

day twenty-three.

your shoes. 
(don't get a chance to wear heals much these days ... but I do love me some sassy flats.)

day twenty-four. 

inside your bathroom cabinet. 
(this is a rather odd photo challenge buuut here ya go.)

day twenty-five. 

(wonder how many four leaf clovers one could find in our neighbors yard?)

Monday, February 20, 2012

February Photo Challenge

A few days behind ... again. 

day seventeen. 

(each day we wake up and it's a battle against the clock, the minutes starting ticking down as our "to-do" lists start piling up. a friend of mine just lost her husband this week. he was a father of one precious little boy and another one on the way within days. i can't even begin to express my sorrow for her, her boys and their family. it's moments like that when time stands still for a few split seconds and you realize once again that time truly is a gift. no amount of money in the world can buy you more time with someone. spend time with the ones you love because here on earth, there are no second chances.)

day eighteen. 

(here is to babies tucked quietly in bed. a long, hot soak in the bath and Adele on your playlist!)

day nineteen. 

something you hate to do.
(laundry. i love my fancy whirlpool washer and dryer but have never been a fan of laundry.)

day twenty.

(a postcard I sent to my grandmother "meme" back in 2005 while spending the summer in new york city doing an internship. she was in the middle of her battle with lung cancer which she unfortunately lost the following spring. she had this on her fridge and now it's on mine ... words could never fully express how much i loved her beautiful soul.)

Friday, February 17, 2012


Valentine's Day Style 

Blaykleigh and I got spoiled with pretty flowers on Valentine's.

Jase and I had a movie date on the couch and chocolate covered strawberries were involved ... and so what if I ate them all, don't judge. 

Daddy got a card, framed picture of his littlest Valentine and a new book to read!

She is just the best, ever. 

Blaykleigh got spoiled with Valentine cards; one from us along with a Disney 'love' classic to add to the collection. 
** a few of her cards came with a cash treat, this little girl is going to be rolling in dough by her first birthday.**

She got a book all about L-O-V-E from her Nani too! 

And thought it would be wise to taste the Valentine from her Great Nana.

Then, this cup made my day. Just when the Christmas cups at Starbucks are put away until the next year they hand you a "Valentine" and yes this cup made the coffee even more special than it already is. 

life rearranged

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Photo Challenge

day sixteen. 

something new. 
(this little one is new alright ... good friends of ours have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl! scarlett rae was born today at 3:10pm, weighing in at 5 lbs 3 oz and 18 inches long -- tiny little thing. so, so happy for them. blaykleigh has another little friend and boy is she excited ... can't ya tell? tongue hanging out and all!)

Happy Birthday little girl! 
You have wonderful parents and will be so loved. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Photo Challenge

day fifteen. 

(just chatting on my " téléphone portable " while embracing the eiffel tower, no biggie ... wink, wink) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happiest Valentine's Day Everyone!

Soooo I wanted to take some cute pictures of Blaykleigh for Jason for V-Day in the onesie that he opened up last year on V-Day (before she was born). I didn't realize the daunting task I had assigned myself!!! Now that she is a crawler ... it was rather tricky, almost near impossible to get a decent photo of her. I kid you not, by the time all was said and done, I was covered in sweat. It turned into more of a workout for myself than a photo session of her. The constant getting up to put her in position and running back to my photo post only to turn around and have her crawling towards me again! Yeah, multiple that by fifty plus times and you too would be sweating up a storm. But once I got that one single picture where I caught her looking at the camera, smiling and sitting still, I called it a wrap.

Here are some of the photo session 'outtakes' ... 

annnd the finally, the golden shot ...

Blaykleigh has a little Valentine's message for her daddy:

Why i love you ...
 you make the bestest monkey noises
 you take me on jogs in my stroller
 you tell me you love me all the time
 you give me piggy back rides when I get cranky
 you let me fall asleep on your chest
 you tell me i am the most beautifulest little girl you ever laid   eyes on
 you get all my toys out for bath time
 you sneak me tastes of your grown-up food when mommy isn’t looking
 you love my mommy dearly
 and most importantest you are my one and ONLY daddy

Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy
loooooooove Blaykleigh

Happy Valentine's Day Babe!
You have 2 girls madly in love with you. 

February Photo Challenge

day fourteen. 

(be good to your heart)


Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 13, 2012

February Photo Challenge

I haven't done the best with this challenge.
here are days eleven. twelve. and thirteen. 

day eleven. 

makes you happy.
(nothing beats snuggle time with my girl)

day twelve. 

inside your closet. 
(think the picture says enough)

day thirteen. 

(medical chemistry ... may be the death of me)