Thursday, August 30, 2012

15 months old

At 15 months, Blaykleigh …
  • is 23.8 lbs and 28 inches in height
  • is very observant to the world around her, always pointing to this or that wanting to know what it is.
  • loves coloring, she has her very own set of jumbo crayons and coloring book. She even holds the crayon right! We may just have a little artist (insert french accent) on our hands. 
  • likes to get her groove on. When she hears music she likes she sways back and forth, claps her hands and clicks her tongue as if she is trying to go with the beat. 
  • has a thing for the t.v. remote. Anytime she can get her hands on one she marches right up to the t.v. and pushes every button possible waiting for something to happen.
  • thinks everything is a telephone. 
  • "shhh's" all her babies while she bounces up and down patting them. What a little lover we have!
  • likes to be chased around the house but if you get too close to her she intentionally falls to the ground with a big "uh-ooooh"!
  • has been watching Lady and the Tramp on Jason jeep t.v. when in the car and starts laughing so hard at this scene (0:35-0:40 seconds) not sure what exactly it is but it's really funny to her! 
  • had her first girls only weekend two weeks ago when two of my best friends came to visit while Jason was out of town. We got in a lot of shopping and crafting! 
  • knows how to sign "eat" (which she uses for both "eat" and "drink", we're working on drink still) and also signs "all done" after she is finished with her food. 
  • gives kisses while going "mmmmwah"! 
  • smacks her lips and goes "ahhhh" after she drinks something or pretends to drink something. 
  • started referring to herself as "mama" and everyone else "dada" …. hmmm, not sure what to think about this? 
  • cuddles with me in the a.m. on the couch before we get our breakfast, l-o-v-e this part of our day! 
                    Her words
                       tenk you (thank you)
                       ba-ba (bottle)
                       kee kat (kitty cat)
                       choooose (shoes)
                       maaaow (meow)
                       buh-bye (bye-bye)
                       haiiiiii (hi)
                       no, no, no - yes she already knows the word "no"!
                       purple - I swear she said purple today clear as day!
                                    Does this mean she too bleeds KState colors
                                    like her father?!?!
                       naaan (nani) - said it twice last night, work in progess! 
                                     Still need to get her on board with Granny, 
                                     Grampy and Granps. 


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