Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Happiest Valentine's Day Everyone!

Soooo I wanted to take some cute pictures of Blaykleigh for Jason for V-Day in the onesie that he opened up last year on V-Day (before she was born). Ooooooo.my.word. I didn't realize the daunting task I had assigned myself!!! Now that she is a crawler ... it was rather tricky, almost near impossible to get a decent photo of her. I kid you not, by the time all was said and done, I was covered in sweat. It turned into more of a workout for myself than a photo session of her. The constant getting up to put her in position and running back to my photo post only to turn around and have her crawling towards me again! Yeah, multiple that by fifty plus times and you too would be sweating up a storm. But once I got that one single picture where I caught her looking at the camera, smiling and sitting still, I called it a wrap.

Here are some of the photo session 'outtakes' ... 

annnd the finally, the golden shot ...

Blaykleigh has a little Valentine's message for her daddy:

Why i love you ...
 you make the bestest monkey noises
 you take me on jogs in my stroller
 you tell me you love me all the time
 you give me piggy back rides when I get cranky
 you let me fall asleep on your chest
 you tell me i am the most beautifulest little girl you ever laid   eyes on
 you get all my toys out for bath time
 you sneak me tastes of your grown-up food when mommy isn’t looking
 you love my mommy dearly
 and most importantest you are my one and ONLY daddy

Happy Valentine’s Day Daddy
loooooooove Blaykleigh

Happy Valentine's Day Babe!
You have 2 girls madly in love with you. 

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