Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Photo Challenge

Ooookay here are the last four photo challenges for February - grouped together at that. 

day twenty-six.

(an erie foggy night, not too many cars in the parking lot when your class gets out close to 10 p.m.)

day twenty-seven.

something you ate. 
(a lovely bowl of ice cream to end the night)

day twenty-eight.

(miss b gets a birthday card each month on her 'month-older birthday' from her granny and each card always has a dollar in it, sweet don't ya think?)

day twenty-nine.

something you are listening to. 
(poor b is sick, horrible horrible cough - taking her back to the doctor tomorrow but for now she is rooming-in with us in her pack & play so I can keep a closer eye on her)

Well, there you have it. A month long photo challenge complete! Granted I failed horribly at posting the majority of the photos on the days they were actually taken but nonetheless I got it done and had fun while doing it. 

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