Saturday, August 10, 2013

Iowa State Fair 2013

Our first Iowa State Fair! It was a very hot day (like surface of the sun hot) but overall we really enjoyed ourselves. From people watching, to loving on animals (my personal fave), to tasty beer, amazing food and rides. I think this is definitely something we will have to do again next summer. 

Enjoying a little state fair action. 

Fried food booth after fried food booth. I was a little disappointed that I never found myself a fried pickle. Next year! 

Beer run. 

Just our 2-year old showing her goat. ;) 

Horses look good next to me. Hehe.

I entered a raffle to win a horse. Sadly, I did not win. But one day, it will happen. It will! 

Going down the huge-big slide on a potato sack with her daddy. 

Aren't baby piglets the cutest?! 

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