Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tanganyika Wildlife Park...

… by far one of the coolest places I have ever been!!!!!!

Get ready for lots of pictures …

Feeding the giraffe a very expensive piece of lettuce.
(one piece of lettuce cost 2 coins, each coin a dollar - I wonder if next time we can bring in our own?)

 I think this little joey has outgrown his pouch! Just wants to be close to his momma I guess. 

I absolutely loved getting to pet the kangaroos!!!

Blaykleigh stepped it up a notch and gave out hugs. 

 I just about snuck one of these home in my purse! They had the softest fur and the cutest noses.

Treats are serious business when you are a goat! 

Ellie and Blaykleigh checking out the shark-sized koi fish. 

Granny making sure Blaykleigh didn't join the ducks for an afternoon swim. 

Drew and his shirt blended in nicely with them lemur folk.

Baby lemur sitting on Blaykleigh's shoe & holding her hand. Presh. 

These little guys were very drawn to the cell phones! 

Granny made a new friend. 

See! What did I tell you. This little guy was desperately trying to take a 'selfie' … wonder if he has an instagram account? ;) 

They loved Megan <3

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