Saturday, July 27, 2013

A surprise in June!

This past June I turned 27 and got the most wonderful birthday surprise ever ~ a quick weekend visit from one of my beloved bff's! It was something totally unexpected and flew by way too fast but I loved every minute of it. Thank you Kristin for making my 27th even that more memorable. Love you!

While she was here visiting, we made an afternoon trip to the Des Moines Zoo! It was our first time to go and even though it is on the smaller scale compared to most zoo's, it was a pretty awesome place. There were several themes throughout the zoo that coincided with the country the animals where from, hands on interaction with some of the animals (Blaykleigh was a tad apprehensive about feeding the birds at first - lol) and it was laid out well! We will definitely be going back in the future.

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