Sunday, September 30, 2012

16 months old

At 16 months old, Blaykleigh ...

  • is miss chatter box, putting together 'sentences' (although I can only make out a word or two).
  • always wants to read books, some mornings that is almost all we do! Bookworm in the making.
  • has got quite the little temper in her when she doesn't get her way; those terrible two's sure are coming in strong. 
  • still loves to color and lately we have been finger painting!
  • has been cutting her top and bottom cuspid teeth, it's made for a couple of rough nights lately.
  • loves playing with our next door neighbor's little girl Jade. They have so much fun together! She even goes up to the front door and will call out Jade's name. So precious. 
  • walks around the house and has convo's with herself on anything resembling a telephone. 
  • is really good at her puzzles and plays with them often. 
  • if you ask her if she is ready for "night-night" she often times leads the way to her room/crib while saying "nigh, nigh" over and over. 
  • officially has an obsession with shoes. Whenever we go into a store with a shoe display she is the first to notice, pointing at them and chanting "chooooose" over and over. 
  • automatically does the 'touch-down' sign when she hears "touch-down" on the tv. Jason loves it! 
  • goes around and bangs her head on anything she can find when she gets mad and then cries because it hurt. Yeah, not so sure about this one. 
  • loves Legos, the Duplo ones to be exact. Our B&N bookstore has a kid Lego table and she is just so entertained by them. **those have been added to her Christmas List**
  • gives 'high-fives'!!! 
  • rearranges the furniture from time to time; pushes the bar stools and sofa end table across the house. Looks really funny when you can't see her pushing said piece of furniture but instead you just see furniture moving across the room. 
  • gets so excited by bubbles. 
  • engages in full conversation with the cats with a lot of "maaaow's" going back in forth between them and her.
                     Her words
                       tenk you (thank you)
                       ba-ba (bottle)
                       kee kat (kitty cat)
                       choooose (shoes)
                       maaaow (meow)
                       baiiiiii (bye)
                       haiiiiii (hi)
                       no, no, no - yes she already knows the word "no"!
                       po-pol (purple)
                       naaan (nani)
                       doooug (dog)
                       bau-bo (bubble)
                       turt-o (turtle)
                       jeh-jeh (Jade)
                       nan-na (banana) 
                       bay-bee (baby)
                       yewwo (yellow)
                       doooous (birds)
                         -not sure how she got "dooous" from b-i-r-d-s?
                       peaz (please)
                       nuna (nuni aka paci)

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