Saturday, October 6, 2012

Insta-Dump kind of day!

Mannie's little look-a-like! 
Blaykleigh is going to be a kitty cat this year for Halloween. Although, this cute mask that she won't keep on is not part of her costume for just that reason. So I am going to attempt to paint a nose and whiskers on her instead. :)

 Next toy on the list ... LEGO's. She l-o-v-e's them!!! Perhaps Santa will put some under the tree?!

Woke up the other morning rockin' a big curl smack on top of her head. Which she sported the rest of the day!!! Love this baby of mine. 

This face says it all without having to say a single word. 

Just a lazy afternoon spent chalking up the back patio. 

I put her in the car seat, got in my seat and turned around to this ... tired much?!

Swinging -- her happy place. 

Feeding the duckies!!! 

Putting those last finishing touches on her Grampy's birthday card. 

Bedtime snuggles with the Momma. Only lasted a mere 5 minutes before she was standing over me chatting it up in my face, trying to feed me her bottle and then it was back to her own bed. 

Ooooh yes, Petco. Just as entertaining as the zoo. 

If I ever have a fish tank, it will be full of these little polka dot guys!!! So pretty. 

Blaykleigh and Jade -- neighborhood best friends!!! I have to be careful when saying the name Jade because Blaykleigh gets so excited to go see her. She even says "Jeh, Jeh" as we walk over to her house. Super sweet. 

I had really been wanting the Urban Decay Naked palette buuut didn't want to pay the $ so I found this little gem for $7 at ulta and love it!!! 

B gives kisses to anything and everything! As long as it has eyes (real or not) and looks cute, she is smooching on it!!! ;) 

And when she isn't being cute and smooching, she is being cute and mischievous! 


  1. toilet paper= must be unrolled always.

    the simple joys of childhood. :)

  2. Oh yes! Between her and the cats, I might as well unroll them right out of the bag. ;)

  3. Miss you guys soooo much. Wish we were closer to her and Baby J could grow up and play together. =(

  4. I know, me too Stace!!! ... Do you guys still think you'll be able to come visit in January? I get back from CO on the 7th :) ... even if it is for a long weekend, it would still be so great to see y'all!!!