Saturday, September 22, 2012

Insta-Friday ... on a Saturday

 Starting this post out by welcoming a new little guy! 
Our friends Nate and Heidi just brought their second little boy 
into the world this past week. 
His name is Ethan James Wilcoxen and what a darling he is! 
I enjoyed getting to snuggle with him a bit this morning. 
He seems so little but is about the same size that Blaykleigh was, it's
absolutely crazy how fast these little ones grow!

Family dinner night at Outback last weekend. Paid for half of it with a gift-card
that Jason got back in middle/high school! I was quite surprised that they still honored it! Can't beat free $$$. 

Getting serious about grocery shopping! 

 Rootin' for her daddy's alma mater while enjoying a little park time before dinner.

 Head full of gorgeous curlies! 

Rainy Friday morning entertainment. And you can't see but both Mannie (our cat) and Blaykleigh are enjoying riding around in the basket. 
Side note: I remember when my older brother used to push me around like this!!! So fun.

 Painted my wooden kitchen utensils and made a few extra as a gift for a friend! Aren't they so pretty?!

 Playing 'dress-up' in one of her daddy's old cut off t's! Oooo how this makes me laugh. 

 Wednesday night worship for the Movement youth!!! Jason and I are really enjoying helping out in our church. 

Semi-homemade donuts. 
Simply delish. 
(( want the secret? one can of original biscuits, about 1/2 inch of veg. oil over med. heat, fry them up on each side, dip in a bowl of melted butter (on both sides) and then do the same in another bowl of cinnamon sugar mix. wa-la, donuts. ))

Got myself some mustard skinnies! 
Loving them. 

 Snake skin nails anyone?! Have been wanting to try the Sally Hansen nail polish strips for months now. Glad to say they were well with my money! 

 B and I met a friend at the aquarium this past monday! Enjoyed a little dolphin show and then walked around to see all the other sea critters.

 Giftshop shark. All fun and games until.... gets a little too close for comfort. 

 Little miss was not wanting to grocery shop. So I suggested a good book and made her a comfy lounging nook. The things a mother will do to get the smallest of tasks accomplished. 

life rearranged

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  1. I just love all the pictures you post... She is the cutest!