Friday, April 27, 2012


Thank goodness it is Friday! 

Don't some believe that killing a ladybug will bring you bad "juju"? Well I wonder what you get when you go out of your way to save one? Last weekend found this little guy while loading groceries into my car; brought him all the way back to our house and placed him in the garden -- pretty sure he has made a happy home there ... or at least that is what I imagine. 

Little Miss Blaykleigh and her sunbathing beautiness! 

Daddy bought her her very first swimming pool and no doubt about it, she   l-o-v-e-'s it.

Pretty little butterfly (or perhaps a moth) enjoying some fresh Magic Mountain Basil.

Blaykleigh's slobbered finger print canvas aka the door to our patio. 

One tuckered out babe.

An artist at heart. 
She comes from a long line of very talented folks.
Don't be jealous, the girl can't help it, it's in her blood. 

Hester's Cafe = Magnificent. 

Stacie. My savoir this past week while the husband has been out of town for work (ooor partying like a rockstar Vegas style). The dear that she is flew all the way out from Arizona to hangout with B and I and then watch B while I went to school at night! She is 15 weeks pregnant, any and all energy she has is being consumed by baby Hainke not to mention the constant state of nauseousness ... pretty sure I owe her BIG!

Oh. That awesome pool Jase got B ... well I found it floating in our neighbors 'real' pool this afternoon.  How did it get there you ask? Perhaps it was the gale force winds never seem to cease in this town. I actually found it rather comical until .... (see pic below)

... I inspected our garden which was taken victim. Several plants like this beautiful, thriving, sweet bell pepper plant; tragically split in two, crumbled to the ground. Just like that, wind and an inflatable plastic pool ruined bits of our garden. ... I am a little heartbroken if one can not tell. 

Blaykleigh borrowed a set of wheels for the night. She was ready to go cruisin'!

Blaykleigh and Brighton playing "kitchen" toddler style. 

The view from the husband's hotel room. Sucks when work sends you to Vegas for an entire week of training. 
Must be nice! ;) 

life rearranged


  1. You owe me nothing! I took care of B in turn, you took care of me. =) Thanks for a great time! Sorry, I was sorta a bum.

  2. I had such a great time just having company here with me while Jase was gone! Can't wait for baby Hainke to get here =) .... wish we lived closer.