Monday, April 30, 2012

11 months old

Here we are once again, another month closer to your first birthday! There is this huge mixture of emotions stirring up inside me lately and if I allow myself to sit and really think on all that I am feeling I can't help but shed a few tears. They aren't sad tears by any means but more so happy tears, tears of gratitude and contentment; tears I think only a mother truly understands. I hope one day, years from now you get to experience a love like ours. I spent 9 months of my life carrying your growing body within mine, each day seemed like an eternity because I was so incredibly anxious to meet you face to face. Then the moment came when our eyes met for the very first time, it's a moment that will forever be embedded in my memory and the feeling of completeness that I felt in that very moment I don't think will ever go away. You, my sweet, sweet little bird are such a blessing in my life and not a day goes by when I do not thank our Heavenly Father for giving you to me. Happy 11 months baby girl!

At 11 months old, Blaykleigh ...

  • weighs approximately 20 lbs (give or take a few oz) and is around 28 inches in length
  • has 6 teeth
  • knows how to "ooo ooo ooo" like a monkey, "maow" like a kitty, "moooo" like a cow
  • points at all things she is curious about
  • officially says "keecat" aka kitty cat
  • finally crawls on all fours
  • pulls herself up on anything she can
  • can be entertained by our cats for hours, she loves them but I am not so sure they feel the same about her especially when chunks of hair start missing 
  • started eating mainly "finger foods" and not so much of the pureed baby foods
  • for the most part has finally started taking to her nap times during the day and if I am lucky she will even go down by herself
  • still loves her bath time and just about drinks up the entire tub
  • has the sweetest little giggle
  • gives the best kisses, slobber and all
  • hates having her diaper changed but I found if you sing to her while you are changing her she will stay still ... most of the time
  • loves the three little mice that live in the tick tock clock - a tv show on baby first tv - she squeals in excitement each time it comes on
  • had her first "pedicure" a couple of weeks ago
  • still loves any and all attention from anyone she meets, definitely not a shy one
  • is such a silly little girl at times and loves to make you laugh

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