Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has come

Yesterday was the first official day of Spring!!! Spring and all its beautifulness are in bloom, the birds are chirping, the days are longer and the Springtime sniffles have sprung (at least for this household)! Besides the horrible Spring allergies, I really do enjoy this time of year and there are so many exciting things I am looking forward to this season! Blaykleigh will get to experience her first Easter; even though she is still a tad too young to grasp the importance of it, I am still excited to celebrate it with her. In a few years I plan on doing something like this - Count down to Easter but for now, we will read her this My Little Easter Book and fill a cute little basket with some goodies suitable for an almost one year old girl! Then comes the month of May and our darling Blaykleigh will be turning one -- an event that will definitely be bittersweet. My Mom will be coming out to celebrate her first year of life just as she did her first day of life, that will definitely help take my mind off the fact that my little girl is growing up way too fast. There are officially 7 weeks left of this semester which means I am that much closer to completing my degree!!! Can I get a "hooray"? Then there is our little vegetable & herb garden (a garden post soon to follow). Last weekend we slaved for an entire day filling our raised garden beds full of dirt and then planted the little darlings. Super excited to watch them grow and produce some homegrown goodness! And with the arrival of Spring I am planning on a lot of family fun time outdoors; picnics at the park, walks along the sandy beaches, bbq's with friends, getting Blaykleigh a little patio splash pool ... I think you get the picture! 

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