Friday, March 23, 2012


Bits of life over the past week!

After our hard man/wo-man labor on Friday moving waaay too much dirt from the driveway to the garden beds in the backyard came Saturday, where we spent the day planting our plants!!! This is our tomato plant -- the first one in the ground.

B was quite the trooper while we were busy planting to our hearts desire. She just hung out in her walker, waving to us from time to time! ... Isn't she just lovely?! 

Sunday morning rolled around and our sweet baby girl woke up with massive amounts of pus oozing from her eyes. This picture doesn't even begin to show how much pus there was & it kept coming! I felt horrible for her, she was beyond miserable. So her and I headed off to the urgent care clinic and spent a good 5 hours there before heading back home. Diagnosis -- her first double ear infection, which was so bad that the infection had nowhere else to go so it started draining through her eyes. My poor sweet baby girl, can't stand seeing her sick and in pain.  

By Monday there were two more doctor visits; one for daddy and one for me! The Mr. had tonsillitis and me, upper respiratory infection along with a massive hay fever attack. It's safe to say that our house was pretty pathetic most of this week ... all of us battling some type of illness. We spent a fortune at CVS in prescriptions, over-the-counter meds and boxes of Kleenex. 

Just enjoying some scrambled eggs!
I promise you, she has a smile on her face about 95% of the time -- such a happy girl. 

Taking some time to read up on gardening ... just like mommy and daddy!

She loves to stand up in the bathtub (even though this is a big "no, no") and drop her toys for you to pick up. Testing her limits, that one is already!

It's a baby squash!!!

life rearranged

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