Friday, March 16, 2012


Had a great week off of school this past week, come Monday ... back to the academic grind! 

"Hey everybody, how was your week?"

Shoe shopping for the little miss. 

Tried a new food this week! Veggies and whole wheat pasta. 

A little friendly game of turtle dominos.
<<Side note: isn't that Swan gorgeous? I just love birds. >>

I took Blaykleigh to the park for the first time this past week. We fed ducks (ooor more like Blayleigh ate the bread) and she even got to swing on the swings! It was a nice afternoon for us two girls.

Caleb came over for a play-date. 

The above is a nightly occurrence -- while B takes a bath, Mannie sits on the side of the tub in desperate attempt to fish out as many bath toys as possible.  

Here we are getting our gardening on! Soooo super excited for my raised garden. Tomorrow we shall plant our little darlings & watch them grow. 

"Alright guys, that's a wrap ... have a fantastic weekend!"

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