Friday, March 2, 2012


Oh boy! Oh boy! ... It's Friday. Definitely looking forward to the weekend even if the majority of it consists of me and my text books. 

Cutest little Easter Bunny around. 

Chubby, chubby cheeks. 

Trying out some 'big girl' car seats. Still have a few more pounds to gain before the big switch-a-roo though. 

Caleb and Blaykleigh enjoying story time at the library Tuesday morning ...

... then playing blocks and meeting new friends. 

Can't believe how fast this little girl of ours is growing!

Blaykleigh got a special package in the mail this week from a not so little girl whom I started babying sitting when she was Blaykleigh's age. Crazy to think that if we were in Colorado I would be calling her to babysit Blaykleigh. She is trying to brainwash Jason into moving back to Denver ... good move Linds, good move!

Someone must have been a tad sleepy!

Blaykleigh was looking for books on how to Feng Shui her nursery.

Blaykleigh and daddy at Barnes & Noble getting their smarts on. 

Our Barnes & Noble s.w.a.g. - 2 for Jase, 3 for moi. OH and if any of you are in the healthcare field or looking at going into the healthcare field OR just interested in human anatomy, Gray's Anatomy is legit! I have had this ginormous book for less than 24 hrs and am throughly enjoying all the wonderful, wonderful fun facts on all of our physical parts and how they work ... this book is superb. 

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