Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 - date with my man #1

Fact: Jason and I haven't been on many dates since the birth of Blaykleigh. 
Reality: 2012 is a NEW YEAR and that MUST change! 
So ......
Here is our first "baby-less" date of the new year. 

Like 99.9% of any outing, it started off with a Starbucks run!!! 

Order's please -
one iced venti extra shot carmel macchiato
one venti extra shot white chocolate mocha  

... from Starbucks we made our way to Austin! 
Had the best intentions to stop at a fun, out-of-the-box place for lunch but we were running short on time; therefore, Jimmy John's subs to-go it was. 
A "picnic" perhaps?!
Nothing like the romantic lighting of a parking garage to spice things up!

the reason we drove three long hours...
to see WICKED of course.
It was fabulous and our seats were perfect!

All the while, Blaykleigh was nestled safely in the arms of her Great Nana!
She had such a blast spending the day with her Great Aunt Jill and Great Nana.
Thanks again to you both!!!

After the show it was back on the road.
 Starbucks run numero dos!
Addicts much?!
Nah. No such thing in my book. 

Pitstop in San Antonio for dinner. 
Canyon Cafe. 
oooo my goodness, they have the BEST chip basket ever! 
and a pretty nifty atmosphere. 

he is fake 'cheesin'.
but nevertheless is still:
my man.
my love.

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  1. yay for date night with your husband. Nathan and I have made it a goal to go on one date a month without Caleb!