Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Photo Challenge

A friend posted this on Facebook and I thought I would join in! I love doing blog challenges and a photo challenge seems fittingly right about now because it will allow me to get some good practice in with my new telephoto lens I got for Christmas. So here we go ...

Since I am starting a day late, I will post day one and day two today. 

day one. 

your view today.
(dressed it up in picnik a bit)

day two.

(only a few chapters in but such a good book)


  1. awesome photos... so loving these prompts!!
    love the editing on the bird photo!
    and... I am anxious to start reading one thousand gifts... I have it on the kindle, but haven't started yet!

  2. thank you!
    yea the photo challenge is going to be fun! I am a sucker for these kinds of things.
    and it's a great read thus far, sure you'll really enjoy it.
    =) hope you have a nice weekend.