Monday, January 30, 2012

8 months old

Here we are another month has come and gone, just like that. You have grown up so much this past month little girl! It is so fun watching you discover the world around you. You're so full of curiosity, that is without a doubt. Easily amused by the simplest of things, a dvd box can keep you entertained for more time then one would find possible. And dare I mention your love for the 'jump-a-roo'? I'll just put it this way, if there was some way we could take all that energy from your repetitive bouncing up and down we could produce enough electricity to sustain our entire neighborhood that I am sure of. Your once footed sleep and plays are proof; I say "once footed" because you are known to wear holes through the feet of them with all that bouncing you do. But you love it, nothing but squeals of joy come from you while you bounce to your hearts content. You are such a joy Blaykleigh and the light of my life!!! Your daddy and I are so very blessed to have you as our daughter. 

At 8 months old, Blaykleigh ...

  • weighs 18-ish pounds and is roughly 25 inches in length 
  • is officially a crawler! She still rolls from time to time but since discovering the speed of crawling vs. rolling, she definitely prefers crawling. 
  • has added "doe" to her list of words, so we have: "da-da", "ma-ma", "na-na" and "doe-doe"
  • waves "hello" and "bye-bye" ... to herself that is! cutest. thing. ever.
  • still only has her two bottom teeth but there are a few tooth buds working their way in.
  • (as stated above) is in love with her 'jump-a-roo'.
  •  loves sharing. Anytime she wakes up, she takes her paci out of her mouth and tries to give it to you. Or after slobbering all over a puff snack she wants you to taste it. Super sweet little girl that one is!
  • has not yet gotten the hang of an official bedtime or naptime for that matter. But we will continue working with her on that one!
  • gets a little temper when you tell her "no" or take something away from her. 
  • sits up in the bath these days. I swear that girl would live in the bath if we let her. 
  • has by far the loudest squeal humanly possible. My ears constantly ring. 

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