Friday, December 2, 2011


and a video. 

A little bit of life over the last two weeks. 

It was a Holiday Hotcake kind of date! 
Got to love your local ihop!

My pumpkin caramel praline pancakes; sounds amazing right?
Well, I insure you - they were!
Jase got eggnog something or other pancakes (gag me)
but he liked them so whatev. 

B sleeps
Jason plays AngryBirds

I shop for some new ridin' boots!

Story goes: Jason's parents flew into Austin the Friday before Thanksgiving because there was a KState game to be won on Saturday. Jason was to meet them in Austin for the game. Then Sunday his parents were going to drive down to Corpus for the Thanksgiving week. Well, little did they know but Blaykleigh and I decided to tag along and surprise them in Austin - they hadn't seen her since she was born! Once they headed off to the game, her and I had plans to meet up with a friend of mine there and get some 'girl time' in.

**I told Bonnie early that day that B and I were home cleaning "dust bunnies" hence the "dust bunny" remark and genius me hit the 'stop record' button too soon, therefore the video cut off before you get to see B getting her some Granny love! 

Grabbed some coffee with Keli while in Austin.
We went to Mozart's on Lake Austin. Horrible view right?
One of the neatest coffee shops I have ever been to!
Totally worth stopping by there if you are ever in the area.

I got the Mozart Mocha.
It had caramel and some other ingredient in it.

Got our grub on at Maudie's TexMex.

Soaking up that precious time.

Jason turns 60! 
Ha. I kid, I kid. 
But I have no doubt in my mind that he won't look 
much older when he actually reaches that milestone. 
One would never think with a youthful face like his
 that he is nearing the big 3-0. 
Such a handsome fella. 

Cupcakes for Granny ... the real birthday girl.

What? Who says the cook can't taste? The batter is the best part.

My version of "Silent night". 

life rearranged

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