Friday, December 30, 2011

7 months old

Look at you little girl! So full of personality. It's crazy how much older it sounds when I say "I have a 7 month old"... Before I know it, I'll have to start referring to your age in years not months (harsh reality!).  Nevertheless you are growing up too fast!!! I know, I know how many times can I repeat myself?! But it's the truth, so please SLOW DOWN. I am always taking pictures of you, mostly on my phone but it's because I don't want to ever forget any of your "moments". And with how fast the last 7 months has gone, I guess I am kind of afraid that your moments/my memories will kind of just get jumbled up in my brain, that they won't be as clear as I want them to be in the years ahead. So that is why I currently have 686 pictures on my phone and I am quite certain that of the 686 pictures 650 of them are of YOU! That doesn't even begin to include the plethora of others that I have taken of you on the actual camera AND I absolutely hate having to delete any picture of you, I think this could potentially become a cause for concern?! Is there such thing as 'digital picture hoarding'? Anyways, not sure why I went off on this picture taking tangent, all I really want to say is how much I love you!!!

At 7 months old, Blaykleigh ... 

  • not sure on exact weight or height but will update here shortly
  • is a pro at sitting up by herself with only a few minor face plants from time to time & after the 'crash', she always looks up at me with a smile - what a champ! 
  • has not one but TWO teeth ... 2 down, 26ish more to go
  • as of today she has added a few more syllables to her vocabulary list - there is the ever most favorite "da-da", Jase & I heard a "na-na" or two tonight & I SWEAR she said "ma-ma" but it very well could have been another "na-na" so I will wait until I hear that one again before making the big "she said Momma" announcement 
  • has a new favorite pastime sticking out her tongue and spitting (hence the first picture - HA!)
  • loves her cereal & yogurt puffs, in fact it's the only thing that keeps her quiet while out running errands lately. She has started to get bored I am guessing because like any normal person when bored she screams at the top of her lungs over and over just to see how loud she can get. It doesn't matter that we are in the middle of Target and people are staring holes of death through me ... nope, she finds it enjoyably entertaining. I however, not so much annnd that is where the puffs come into play. 
  • experienced her first Christmas!!!! It was wonderful. Spent time with family here in Texas, read her the REAL story of Christmas, opened some presents - of which the wrapping paper was her favorite, surprise surprise.
  • rolls around like she is on a mission and when you voice your acknowledgment with a "LOOK at you B, how did you get over there?!?!" she squeals and kicks her legs with self-delight ... it's really super cute.  

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