Friday, December 23, 2011

Insta-Friday Christmas

I grew up with real Christmas trees my whole life and Jase for the most part, has always had a fake tree. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a fake tree; they are convenient, cost effective and less of a fire hazard. But with that said, I have so many special memories of going to pick out our tree each year and really, really wanted to bring that 'tradition' into our own little family. It took a little bit of begging and a pouty face (or two) but finally he agreed and off we went in search for our perfect Christmas tree. 

Being surrounded by all the variations of trees made me feel like I was back in Colorado. Just one suggestion for the Holiday Hills tree lot ... Next year why don't you invest in a snow machine because then it will really be legit, please and thank you. 

Red. Green. White. 
We chose to stick with the traditional Christmas colors and what a beautiful choice it was! 
I am in LOVE with our tree. 

One of my favorite ornaments, a knitted "S" for Stowell (obviously). 
And see those lights on there? It took me not once, not twice but three trips to the store in order to get the correct amount of lights that would wrap around the tree from top to bottom. Silly me for thinking that one box of 200 lights would be enough or even 2 boxes for that matter. Hey! It seemed like a lot at the time of purchase. ... You live and you learn.

Man of the house puttin' on that tree topper. 

Blaykleigh's very first Christmas ornament. I got the idea from pinterest, but changed it up a tad. The one on pinterest had a baby/child's handprint in paint on the glass bulb. But I didn't think I would be able to get a clean impression of Miss B's handprint that way. So I opted for a fabric cut out of her traced hand and mod-podged it on instead (hence the cloudy look to the bulb).  

Blaykleigh's 1st Christmas 2011

Yup! That little girl with the bow on her head, by far the best present under the tree! Nothing could ever top a gift like that. 

Our collection of Christmas cards! Which, I LOVE receiving. There have been a few added since I took the picture ... displaying them is the best part!!! 

Little bird with Santa AND Mrs. Clause. This was round #2 of sitting on Santa's lap, perhaps this means he will bring her extra presents? Hehe. 

life rearranged

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