Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday FuN-dAy

Today was the first Sunday since the birth of Blaykleigh that we have made it to church. We didn't want to drop her off at the nursery so we took turns holding her during worship & the sermon; she did wonderful - minus the two interruptions for a diaper change. During worship our church turns off the overhead lights & has different color stage lights that move around (has a concert feel to it) & Blaykleigh loved watching the all the colors dance about the room! 

Mommy & B ready for church.

Our sweet, sweet angel.


We had a pretty quiet afternoon & then met up with family for some Mexican food downtown. 

Sushi Chef Tate, our dinner table entertainment.

Tater has a crush on who? 

My husband! 

She informed us that Jason was her husband, looks like I might have some competition lol. 

Little bird, wonderful as ever.

B with her Great, Great Aunt Martha. 

B with her Great, Great Aunt Nelda. 

Cousin Allison holding little Miss. 

Nothing sweeter than a father & his daughter. 


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