Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A day in the life of Bitty B ...

Good morning sunshine! Once awake, we spend time snuggling in bed and sometimes even drift back off to sleep if we had a long night.

Waiting for the morning coffee ... a must have in this household. 

Our wide-eyed girl is dressed for the day and spends time on her activity mat while mommy gets ready. Mannie our highly energetic Bengal is just as amused by the activity mat as B!

Morning naps are always welcomed because that means I can get some work time in.

After nap-time I take a break from working, B and I go outside for some fresh air and tummy time!

She never fails to let me know when she has had enough. 

Not long after that it's about time for another nap and I try my best to work on the computer one handed.

Sleeping in the Moby Wrap as I make dinner. 

Joining us at the dinner table and if you couldn't tell, she is thrilled to see her daddy! 

After dinner we took a family stroll around the neighborhood in the ridiculous heat ... a popsicle was in order for Jason and I to help stay cool!

Her most favorite time of the day! 

Sweet sleep little one. 

Late night cuddle time with daddy as they listen to Lifehouse on the iPhone. 

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