Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yo-Yo bobby pins

I made these for a friend for her birthday! A cute way to spruce up any hair-do and super easy to make so I thought I would share. 

- First you will need some fabric (a great way to use your scrap fabric if you have any)
- Find something round to trace onto your fabric, I used a small bowl being that your yo-yo will be about half the size of your original piece of fabric
- Cut out your traced circle
- Then thread your needle & tie your knot
- Insert the needle along the edge of your fabric on the wrong side so that your knot will be on the inside of your yo-yo
- Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle, turning the edge as you sew, stopping when you reach where you started
- Holding the thread that is still attached to your needle gently pull the thread to gather your circle
- Gather until your circle is closed
- Then stitch the center of your yo-yo closed, you can add a button or something of the sort like I did
- Get a bobby pin and sew that to the back of your yo-yo & you are done

*You can also add these yo-yo's to just about anything: decorative pillows, shirts, flip flops, headbands, handbags etc.

Happy yo-yo-ing!

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