Wednesday, September 28, 2016

She is here!!!

Welcome to the world my sweet Nellie Louise!!!

You were born on Wednesday, September 7th at 12:15pm.
My labor came with a few complications but the most important thing was that you were alright!  

Here is your birth story:

On Tuesday, September 6th, your Dad and I went to my 38 week check up and found out that due to my high blood pressure the doctor would be inducing me the following morning! Talk about a rush of emotions. I was SO ready to meet you but I was also saddened a little knowing that come the next day, it wouldn't be just you and I as one anymore. As much as I wanted to meet you and show you off to the world, I also had the strongest desire to keep you just where you were - all to myself. Oh, a mother's love. ... We went and picked up your Nani up from the airport that afternoon, what perfect timing for her to arrive from Denver. Then the three of us went and got your big sister from school and shared the news that you would be making us a family of four by tomorrow! Blaykleigh was so excited by this, she had been waiting for you for a very long time. We spent the late afternoon running the last few errands before your big arrival and tried to mentally prepare for what Wednesday would hold. Surprisingly, I got a decent nights rest on Tuesday and woke Wednesday refreshed yet full of butterflies. I pictured myself holding you, my rainbow baby, staring into your beautiful eyes and reflecting on all that had happened to bring you here; what a blessing you'd be!!! After we dropped Blaykleigh off at the Pellegrin's (our sweet Louisianan neighbors) we made the trip to the hospital, this was around 7:30 AM. Upon arrival, we were checked-in and everything started falling into place rather quickly from this point forward. I changed into the hospital gown and got as comfy as I could in the hospital bed. By 9 AM our delivery nurse started the Pitocin followed shortly by the doctor breaking my bag of water. I had asked for an epidural around 11 AM (6 cm dilated) but it was inserted into the intrathecal space causing some complications where I felt numbness in my upper body and heaviness in my chest, so they pulled it out and I made the choice to go without one, by this time it was roughly 11:40 AM. I was fully dilated and started pushing shortly after 12 PM and you made your grand entrance at 12:15 PM on the dot. I honestly don't remember much from the moment I started to push until the moment you were placed on my chest but when I felt your tiny body on mine all the pain I had just endured faded, my eyes and heart were fully captivated by you and your sweet little cry. There you were, my rainbow baby, the baby I hoped for and cried for and prayed for months on end. My pregnancy was full of so many ups and downs, questions surrounding a viable pregnancy and the uncertainty of it all, but the moment I had been waiting for was finally here. And this is the beginning, this is the moment when you became a part of our family, the moment our family grew by one precious soul. Mommy and Daddy love you and your sister tremendously, more than all the stars in the sky. So glad God gave us YOU.

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