Sunday, March 31, 2013

March recap

This whole moving across the country sure keeps a girl busy! Especially having to practically unpack an entire house all by yourself all while trying to entertain your almost 2 year old. However, I've made it out of the piles of boxes and mounds of packing paper alive!!! Now to get back to blogging on a regular basis. :) That's my goal anyway. Here is an assortment of pics from March, somewhat in order. 

I took Blaykleigh to the park one afternoon but due to the frigid temps outside it literally lasted as long as it took her to slide down the slide. Don't let the sunshine deceive you, it was FREEZING.  

Shortly after moving to Iowa, I started looking for play-date groups to get involved in so both Blaykleigh and I could meet some people. It was a success! This was a trip to the Science Center of Iowa. Ended up meeting two really great women and their littles :)

I was not lying about the mounds of packing paper. One could get lost in there! 

Cheers to our new home and new life in Iowa <3

Love this drive up to our house. So many beautiful trees here!!!

Play-dates with Blythe. Met her & her momma on the play-date at the Science Center of Iowa.

Jason's parents and cousins who are more like his sisters came to visit us and see the new place. It was great having family around! 

Michelle teaching Blaykleigh how to eat penne noodles play with her food! Lol.

Megan keeping her entertained at Homemakers. I am pretty sure they couldn't wait for us to leave. 

Blaykleigh has an obsession with "ears". And everyone must wear them when she does, even granny! 

First year of dying Easter eggs!!!

 Beautiful little girl all ready for Easter service. 

I love us! 

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