Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February recap

Family lunch date. 

Admiring the water fountain. 

Mowing with daddy. 

Her favorite Nana. 

Nutella crepes and mimosa's! 
Thank you, Jody!

Buckets and cowgirl boots. 

Church playtime. 

Best of friends.

Valentine's day breakfast for my girl and I. 

A bubble bath for my Valentine. 

Window shopping with my sweets.

Goodbye breakfast with one of my besties. 

Scarlett and Blaykleigh. 

Wine and touch up painting. 

Playing in boxes. 

Moving day! 

This is all that is left after packing up the house. 
Bitter sweet moment. 

Arrived in Iowa. Snow much?!

Warm, relaxing fires. 

Furniture shopping!!!

Horseback rides. 

Morning mullets.

Lunch-date at the kids table. 

House stalking! 
(2 weeks until we move in - eeeeeee!)

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