Friday, July 20, 2012

Insta-Friday: Kansas style

After a 12+ hour drive straight through the night, we had finally reached Kansas and what a beautiful sight it was! 

Once we rested up some, we took Blaykleigh to surprise her Granny at work!!! Quickly she became the star of the office showing off all her "tricks".

Wasn't much of a surprise that Blaykleigh found herself a new furry friend!

Cousin l-o-v-e-i-n! 

Blaykleigh's Great Grandma whom she walked to ... for the very FIRST time!!! What a wonderful memory to cherish. 

Ahhhhhhh SuperTARGET
I ((heart)) you! 

This little girl is loved so much by so many people! 

Since her Granny & Grampy couldn't make it to her first birthday, they threw her another one! Such a lucky little beauty, two 1st birthday's! 

Granny hugs! 

Saying her goodbyes to all of Granny's garden critters! 

We miss you guys!!! 

We had such a wonderful time on our vacation in Kansas! Got to spend a lot of overdue time with family and made so many special memories but just like that, we were on our way back to Texas.  

life rearranged


  1. I just read a comment that you wrote on Casey Wiegand's blog about the Aurora shootings. Just loved that quote you put on there. Don't act like you don't have a God. Beautiful.

    On another note, I laughed at this blogpost because you vacationed to Kansas and that is where I live. I always joke that no one ever vacations to Kansas, but apparently I stand corrected. :)

  2. Oh Kansas! That is too funny. Being that my family lives in Colorado and my husband's family lives in Wichita, most of our "vacations" are spent in one or the other state. BUT you will be glad to hear we made a point to go up to Table Rock Lake for several days while we were there. :)