Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day at the zoo

I have been to several zoo's in my 26 years of life but I think the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KS takes the cake! This zoo was so well laid out and had so much character to it, that I for one was throughly impressed. So much so, that I didn't even mind that it felt like we walking on the face sun that day but even that wasn't an issue because they had these wonderful misters at just about each exhibit. Kudos SCZ, kudos!  

They have a rather large petting zoo there as well, Blaykleigh was completely fascinated by all the goats! I am still trying to talk Jason into letting us add one to our collection of animals (wink, wink). So far it has been a solid "NO" but it never hurts to keep trying! 

I think my favorite exhibit were the cats - the very, very large version of our cuddle balls of fur at home! I bet Blaykleigh would have enjoyed them as well but that just so happened to be the exhibit where she decided to take a little "cat nap". If these beautiful creatures were herbivores she would have looked awful cute cuddled between the two sleepy cougars! 

By the time we reached the monkeys she was awake and had the time of her life communicating with them through the plexiglass windows! There was a lot of "ooo ooo aaa aaa" coming from her as she bounced up and down along side the window, she was even intriguing enough for the orangoutang to leave his lettuce and come check her out. Once we reached the gift shop, I think she had a little identity crisis going on! (only kidding) but placing her amongst all the monkeys was a really cute photo opp. 

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