Saturday, June 30, 2012

13 months old

This post is several weeks past due but better now than never as they say! From here on out I am going to post Blaykleigh's milestones and whatever else might be of interest, so it will be a little different from how I did it in the past. Enjoy! 

At 13 months, Blaykleigh ...
  • is on a perfect nap routine as of late; one 1hr nap in the AM and one 2hr nap in the PM - happy momma, especially with school starting back up for myself. 
  • doesn't like for me to leave her, she will hang on to me with the tightest of grips and cries as we part ways - makes me so sad!
  • took her first long distance road trip from Corpus all the way up to Wichita and did great!
  • got to meet all her Kansas family finally!!! Everyone just loved her, she definitely stole the crowd.
  • learned how to do the "fishy" face in no time flat thanks to her Nani. 
  • hasn't really added any new words to her vocabulary. But she seems to like impersonating animal sounds. There is the cow, monkey, cat and dog. Lately, I hear her barking in her crib in the morning when she is ready to get up - it never fails to make me laugh!
  • gives kisses and hugs pretty much on demand if not all on her own.
  • drinks out of a straw like a pro and always wants whatever you are drinking.
  • calls the cats by clicking her tongue and rubbing her fingers together - monkey see, monkey do! 
  • has the tightest little curls all over the back of her head, they are so very pretty.
  • is fascinated by the cats water bowl, always playing in it and getting water everywhere!!!

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