Friday, October 28, 2011


Between traveling to beautiful Colorado, school and getting back into a 'schedule', i've been M.I.A. for a bit. Here are some snapshots of life around here (and in Colorado) from the last two weeks-ish. Enjoy!

B playing with her dolly; lots of loud squeals followed.

Spent one Saturday afternoon making homemade baby food for the little bird.
For all the info and recipes you would ever need, click here. Great site! 

Acorn Squash - thought it was suitable for the season. 

B thought so too - she LOVES this stuff!

What a great face to wake up to every morning don't you think?!

Watching KState rule Texas Tech.

A bit blurry but B is rocking her KState apparel ... shoes and all!

Swinging a new fave around here.

Long afternoon naps, rare but welcomed! 

That is one BIG duck.

About to take off on her very first plane ride. Did absolutely wonderful on the way to Colorado but the plane ride back to Texas was a bit of a different story; I think it's because she wanted to stay in Colorado! hehe

Swinging on the back porch at my parents house, enjoying the view ...

the view -
Mountains, blue sky, and Fall trees!!! Enough said.

B with her great grandpa a.k.a. "Papa the GREAT".

Not the best picture being that this was taken from inside the car at a stoplight. But look at those colors, my eyes were so busy soaking up all the beautifulness the entire time I was there ... haven't seen a Colorado Fall in THREE long years. I miss it nonetheless! 

Canvas and Cocktail celebrating my Momma's biiiiiirthday (the reason for the trip to Colorado).
And yes, our eyes are glowing. 

Our drive up to Estes Park - spectacular scenery. 

B all bundled up as we 'paroozed' all the street shops in Estes Park. 
Like her knitted hat? It was a handmade gift for her from a very talented bestie of mine.

Last but not least, DAZ BOG coffee. Definitely blog worthy. If I had to rate my top three fave's for frozen latte's it would go as followed: 1. DAZ BOG, 2. Nordstorm Cafe and 3. Starbucks.
Yes, Starbucks is 3rd but being that it is the only choice I have here in South Texas, they still get all of our business.

life rearranged

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