Sunday, October 30, 2011

5 months old

Our little pumpkin, look at you! Getting bigger and bigger faster than I think I can handle. It's hard to believe that you were born just 5 months ago and although that doesn't seem like to much time, it has flown by too fast my love. You're never going to be this small again and I don't know how to feel about that; I guess that is apart of being a parent ... watching your 'little' transform and grow into a full blown functional 'human being'. You have brought so much joy to my life and mean the world, no the universe (the totality of matter, energy, and space, including the Solar System, the galaxies, and the contents of the space between the galaxies) to me. I love you my 'little' B. 

At 5 months old, Blaykleigh ....
  • is weighing in at 16.5 lbs (according to our bathroom scale) and is 25-26-ish inches in length. 
  • is scooting! not full blown scoot across the floor but more so from one end of her play-mat to the other, it's a work in progress.  
  • will take her paci in and out of her mouth, over and over again, then she drops it ... and screams until you get it for her. 
  • took her very first plane ride ever and visited the beautify rocky mountain state.
  • has a new favorite song: 'incy wincy spider' ... I think it's all the hand motions that she likes so much.
  • started eating solid food! this is a BIG milestone. so far she has had: bananas, avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash, pears and applesauce. all homemade (minus the applesauce) by yours truly! 
  • still has acid reflux ... shocker, i know! my poor girl. 
  • loves to hear her voice, all levels of her voice at that. she definitely has some lungs on her that is without a doubt. 
  • is super snuggly in the early mornings and i try to soak as much of it up as possible on a daily basis.
  • laughs sooooo hard at her daddy and his ducky impression during bath time (which, she still loves).
  • is a squirmy worm, rarely staying still.

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