Sunday, October 9, 2011


So tonight was a big step in the Stowell household, Blaykleigh had her first few spoonfuls of "big girl food"! 


Main course: Momm-ba Juice
Dessert: Nanners a la Creme 

I read that it was best when starting your little on solids to feed them their normal 'milk' first and to think of the solids as a dessert. So that is just what we did with B; only giving her several spoonfuls of 'Nanners a la Creme' a.k.a. smashed banana + milk. She seemed to like it and we will try more tomorrow, I am excited to embark on the wholesome homemade baby food journey! 

Here is a video of her and her taste-bud exploration 
(Please excuse my nails & her forehead; I'm in desperate need of a paint job & she is apparently in need of yet another nail trimming!)  

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