Wednesday, August 31, 2011

B Reads

oh. my. do I ever love this little girl! She is my every waking minute and a few of the half asleep ones too. I try my best to make time to read her a book or two during the day, not that she grasps the storyline just yet but you can never start reading too early, right?! Any who, the Hill's (Jason's family) sent us a goodie box full of books for Miss B last week - thanks again! - and this book Black on White is by far her favorite. It's not words (because there are none) that are captivating her attention in this photo but the contrast of the solid black images on the stark white pages ... perfect for the infantile mind and the only book in her collection that seems to hold her attention for any length of time. I highly recommend this book or one like it for any others out there that have or are about to have a baby. 

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